Kelly Rowland Re-Teams with Rico Love for New Album

Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland is already motivated to make another album. Following the release of this summer’s Here I Am, Rico Love exclusively tells that the R&B singer is plotting a return to the studio to prep her next project.

“I’m starting Kelly’s new album soon,” reveals Love, who penned the smash “Motivation” and several other cuts off Rowland’s third album. “While she’s on tour, I’m gonna be writing records for her new album. We can kinda roll that out and drop her new single in late spring. Excited about that.”

While Love readies new material for the singer, she will be traveling the country with Chris Brown on “The F.A.M.E.” tour starting in September and appearing as a judge on Britain’s “X Factor.”

The hitmaker, who’s recently been in the studio with Mary J. Blige, Melanie Fiona, and Usher, wants to continue developing an R&B sound with Rowland. “I believe in R&B and I believe that if we make new age records and don’t make dated records and keep it classic, I think we’ll be fine.”

He hopes to achieve the same success as “Motivation,” which spent seven weeks at No. 1 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. “It feels like a long time coming,” says Love. “I started her album two-and-a-half years ago, so to be able to get here and see as much success as we’ve seen on this record and album so far is amazing. You put in hard work and it pays off. It sounds clichĂ©, but it’s always good to have that success, especially when people doubted it.”

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  1. bk



  2. Mike504

    …. Motivation was cool for what it was, but I want Kelly to release a song like “Bad Habit”. She stole the show on “Destiny Fulfilled” with that one song. “Heaven and Earth” was a great song too and should’ve been on the main album, not a bonus track.


    Umbrella&deepbag Reply:

    @Mike504, yeah bad habit a good song i love when solange knowles write song for kelly it’s always a good song just like simply deep is a good song i love that kind of kelly



    @Mike504, Bitch copying brandy now.. she better release another album if shes not dropped by now


  3. jay

    new album already???!! surely hes on about working on the international version of the album, shes barely promoted this new album how she gonna release a new album in spring

    here i am is hot, got many more potential singles on there


  4. Sleazy

    Hellooooooooo next album Ms kelly hasn’t even promoted her new single or the album! The 2nd single doesnt even have a video wtf in confused ! Kelly leave that label lol


  5. DC3

    DAMN!!!! the labels already quit on here i am smh kelly girl promote this album first and then start fresh


  6. divaaa

    her last album a flop


  7. KingdomCum23

    Hmmm. I Think Beyonces Team Should At The Very Least Get With Kelly To Make Sum Music That Will Push Her Talents Even Further. She Was Amazing On The Destinys FuLfilled Album. Kelly Deserves The Type Of Attention Beyonce Be Gettin. #ReaTalk


    Real Issh Reply:

    @KingdomCum23, I feel you on that one BUT Kelly wants to be her own woman & spread her wings . I think she’s taking the right steps even though she’s making a lot of mistakes .


  8. KingdomCum23

    Michelle Too


  9. Holler.

    The album was an official flop, she barely had two songs on there other than motivation that were good for the ears. Next project? Rico Love is wack as hell when it comes to the booth, but producing skills are 4/10. Tour with Chris then may be a single!


  10. PrettyTia_Songz

    That’s cool and all Kelly BUT where the hell is the video for your second single?.Try promoting the album you already have out hun.


  11. DKING

    Kelly Here I Am was definitely a hot album!! There are really some good tracks on there I don’t think she’s rushing I just think she’s taking advantage of getting a head start on her next album while she’s still signed and stuff! She needs to be more consistent so I don’t think it’s a bad idea to be working on the follow up. It didnt say anything about her not promoting Here I Am. She needs to promote it more and release some more singles and videos. However, I think that this is good stay consistent and get a head start I don’t see anything wrong with that especially since consistency is a hard thing for her to keep up!


  12. real talk

    Glad to here this. whatever keeps her from fading to black thats all I wanted from her was her to up her meterial and to keep it coming the only problem I Have with her is her promotion strategy say what u please about the album but she could have had atleast two more hit singles from that album if the wasnt going to give her promotion atleast release another single if kelly can just get her promotion right then she would take off the way she should trust me if she get out three single/videos and with tv interviews and performances ad tv specials she would sale the way she should be but I Guess the industry people are to blind or lazy to see this..


  13. Replay

    Are you idiots kidding me? How can you say her Album was a flop? Damn you idiots def. don’t know what is good music go and listen Lady Gaga please or Rock. She Re-Teams with a genius like Rico Love !!! IDIOTS…


    Mike Reply:


    if anything you are the idiot, do you know what a flop is. A flop is an album that doesn’t sell, or a single doesn’t become a hit. And if you saw how much kellz sold, then yoou would have to admit it flopped.


    Humm Reply:

    @Replay, lol Don’t you know the meaning of the word “flop”? You are talking about the songs! But we say it’s a flop because of her bad sales : 1st week : Only 77k with a total of 131,000 now…


  14. celebfanboy10

    I think its a good idea for kelly to start working on her follow up & putting the single out in the spring. In today’s industry artist have to keep releasing music to stay relevant otherwise its easy for them to fall off. Rihanna basically releases an album every year & I don’t think its a bad thing for Kelly to do the same. But in the meanwhile can we please get vids for current singles as well. #TeamKelly


  15. ed

    umm… first of all, where the hell is the “Lay It On Me” video? it’s been taking too long. she needs another hot single to stay relevant. that’s what Kelly needs to focus on right now. i haven’t even heard it on the radio yet.


  16. maya

    LMFAO her shit flopped so hard she’s already on to the next!


  17. Julia T.

    If Kelly Rowland wants a worldwide #1 hit single, it’s time for her to re-record and release “UNITY” ! Universal should push this as Sony Columbia admitted they had a “big hit in the vault” and missed a golden opportunity. “UNITY” is the answer … big promo, video, the works !


    credits Reply:

    @Julia T.,

    I would hear this song in grocery stores all the time in Canada, i knew it sounded like kelly but i wasn’t really sure…i finally googled it one day and confirmed it was her, i was kind of shocked that she had such a hit on her hands, so much potential….But yea, that ship has sailed.


  18. Oh Please

    Why’s she only working with Rico Love? Bye girl. come on now


  19. Rizo

    The only people who think she flopped are the ones compaing her to Beyonce Rhianna and Britney…she does not have the estabilished record or large fanbase so of course she won’t sell as much.

    She looks to be brining on one comparison to Rhianna which is being a singles artist. Motivation is still rising in Airplay and Lay it On is already rising quickly.

    The only flop whe will have is if this next album doesn’t outsell HIA because it’s predecessar through her into the limelight again


    DEADDDDDD Reply:

    @Rizo, We can compare her to Big Sean & call her a flop. She’s not a flop to Ciara, I can tell you that. But this is the rules of the industry. Below 100-200,000 is flopping.


  20. Sharp Tongue

    I feel sorry for Kelly I mean already thinking about a new album o__O that’s not good. What does it take for “Kelly” to be big?


  21. har

    RICO LOVE IS A BAD PRODUCER. move on kelly. your album was a flop. join the grave with mary j and ciara. ha


  22. Isis

    Can she promote Here I Am first? I mean come on Kelly where is your new single & video? I have only seen two performances of Motivation, and it’s been out since March!!! Whoever is handling this project is just as bad as Mathew Knowles!!!


  23. Ray

    Kelly trying to pull a Rihanna but this shxt is too soon we ain’t even got the video for the second single and they talkin bout a new album


  24. Will

    Here I Am hasnt been selling as well as Her label wanted too but i think that they should provide the budgets for the Lay It On Me Video atleast cause i definately dont see a third single coming from that album. Lay it on Me can be another top 10 record for her with the right video and promotion then she should start working her follow up album but dont rush into it yet.


  25. beyonce flop singles



  26. LoveHer

    Y’all are so stupid, “motivation” was the 2nd single, “Commander” was the 1st and they both hit #1 on the charts, I would like to see a video for “Lay It On Me” tho.


  27. 12 no

    I just wanted to put it out there that just because beyonce hasn’t had a number1 hit single on this album doesn’t mean they flopped. Both of her singles have gone gold. They have sold over 600,00 copies yes they have which is what the label is here for the $$$$. Her album would eventually go platinum it is almost 700,000 copies.

    Now as for Kelly i hope her album goes gold. I want all 3 of the to be successful. Her album is not doing good at all on the charts. It has sold only 117,000 till date and that’s not great.I hope she isn’t going to be a 1 hit wonder also i hope people didn’t like motivation because of lilwayne.

    Lay it on me has been out now and i don’t see any buzz surrounding it.


    .......................................... Reply:

    @12 no,

    I believe Lay It on Me was only released to RHY stations not Urban!It will kill Motivation on Urban radio! Motivation was recently sent to Pop radio to reach another audience & it is still slaying 6 months later! PPL please trust Kelly & her team they know what they are doing just be patient!


    Steph Reply:

    @……………………………………, I completely agree!! It is always nice to read encouraging words.


  28. ..........................................

    Great Idea! The album want come out until next year & the new single want be released untill late spring of 2012. Rhianna do it all the time & it have really helped Trey Songz out by doing that as well….& the mean time still release videos from her current cd of Lay it On Me, Keep it between Us and All of the night.


  29. NikkiIsChillin

    Congrats to Kelly on Motivation going platinum. I’m loving the album. Lay It On Me has alot of potential too. Go Kelly!!!


  30. Steph

    Kelly doesn’t have the same fan base as Riri or Bey so why the comparison? Also her album is doing well and still on billboard, so what is the problem. Today Motivation was certified Platinum, that’s a victory and is still going strong…giving her more exposure. Lay It on Me debuted on billboard at #88 last week. Please instead of bashing her call your radio stations, tweet them, and request for Lay it on Me to be played!! That’s what I’m doing! As a fan, I want her to succeed.
    For a video to come out and the necessary budget spent by her label support her by requesting her songs and helping to certify the album platinum…not gold…platinum! Reach for the stars!!! Go Kelly!!!


  31. say what

    Hey more power to kelly, shes a super star right on. And the tacky comment about rihanna being a singles artist,is cool.rihanna sells more than singles check where “loud”is after 40 weeks, navy ofc, was here.


  32. say what

    rihannas fan base is sprouting and growing legs all over the place, you’d better ask somebody.


  33. Kendall_Davis

    I want Kelly Rowland’s fourth album to be way better than her “Here I Am” album.I want this album to be inspired by Beyonce’s album “4″ and Whitney Houston’s beautiful melodies! Oh! and follow me on Twitter @Kendall_Davis


  34. Kyle

    She better start pushing “Lay It On Me.” That has HIT written all over it. I can see it charting just like “Motivation” on the Hip-Hop/R&B charts.


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