Video: Leona Lewis – ‘Collide’

Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis makes waves in the Ethan Lader-directed video for “Collide,” the first single from her upcoming third album Glass Heart. The big-voiced diva hits a Southern California beach with her friends in the summery visuals, performing the Avicii-borrowed dance tune on the sandy shores. The British beauty lights up the screen in a polka dot bikini top while splashing in the water with a hunky male co-star. The festivities continue at night as fireworks shoot across the sky. Soak up the final days of summer in the feel-good video.

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  1. Joseph Mccoy

    Fun! Love Leona! ;-)


  2. jeremydante

    love this song, leona looks soooooo beautiful & im glad to see her switch things up with a dance track.


  3. allen

    im guessing the horse face and the super talented prodocer came to an agreement


    Cp2009 Reply:

    @allen, Whats a “prodocer”? Learn to spell!



    Wow such a lovely video! Amazing track! Woo hopefully and number 1, she deserves it! & @allen where have you been?



    This is such a FLOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is such a sellout what happened to Bleeding Love or Better in time


    Time Reply:

    @TEAM WORLD, you’re high if you think she sold out


  6. Jay

    I did not like this at all, that nasally tone still aint grown on me & Leona is looking rouch these day. i wanna get her a comb & run her a hot bath! SMH!


  7. wtf

    i hate uptempo crap like this song is


  8. Slyboi

    She pretty #ThatsAll


    Lala Reply:

    @Slyboi, LMAO…you destroyed her! Sooo true!


  9. Chihuaua

    Carrumba!!! Leona Lewis lookin totally AWESOME…. I’ve been over in Europe for 3 months and their music is waaaaaaaay ahead of us in NA!! I thought this was okay…until I caught the piano riff…then I wuz totally HOOKED!! Now….it’s #1 by a MILE on my playlists!!!


  10. Clement

    it’s a nice enough tune but it shows the state of the industry that true vocal talent has to resort to this eurodancepop craze

    whatever next? Adele on a Guetta track


    nte Reply:

    @Clement, i cud not have said it better


  11. Chihuaua

    …”whatever next? Adele on a Guetta track”

    I wouldn’t hold ya breath on that… :-D

    The thing with Leona is…even though she’s renowned for her voice (& therefore – her ballads….) she’s always maintained that she loves dance music – she’s only in her mid-twenties after all….so now she’s more ‘established’….she’s branching out a bit into what SHE likes to do as well…..but she’s also just been quoted as saying that she will still record her usual ballads in the future!!



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