Big Sean, Kreayshawn, and Tyler, the Creator on MTV’s ‘When I Was 17′ [Video]

Tyler, the Creator

Before they were nominated for Best New Artist at the VMAs, Big Sean, Kreayshawn, and Tyler, the Creator were regular teens finding their way. The breakout stars were featured on the latest episode of MTV’s “When I Was 17.”

Prior to being signed by Kanye West to G.O.O.D. Music, Detroit MC Big Sean was a shy teen who wore oversized clothing, battle rapped after school, and was dumped by his high school sweetheart because he was too nice.

Odd Future’s Tyler, the Creator was still up to no good, getting caught stealing markers out of a classmate’s backpack, pulling his pants down at a church-organized talent show, and being chased after egging someone’s car.

“Gucci Gucci” was not even recorded when Oakland-raised rapper Kreayshawn was a wild teen getting kicked out of school, painting fire hydrants and washing cement to get her GED, and cleaning up after her crazy cat.

Watch them reflect on good and bad memories from their not-so-distant teen years in the full episode.


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  1. Isis

    I am so in love with Big Sean now! I would never dump you baby! Lmao!!


    SickerthanYoAverage Reply:

    Right! He was always sexi…


  2. saio

    who the hell are kreayshawn & tyler the creator?!?!?!?!?!
    only big sean i know from the three


    jimscreechie Reply:

    @saio, I can bet u didn’t kno BIG SEAN was making music before MY LAST too.


    saio Reply:

    @jimscreechie, i know big sean thanks to the GOOD music remix for consequence single “Whatever You Want” from 2009


    uhuh Reply:

    @saio, aight you get a pass. ur not a bandwagon fan. i know big sean since ehm… “UKnowBigSean” mixtape. the one with a kanye feature “glenwood” song.

    and for ya’ll that dont know. big sean is a trendsetter within the youth. they dress like him. every detail. tisa snapback, BBC clothing, AMbush jewelry, Jordans ofcourse. just to name a few


    WatchTheThrone Reply:

    @saio, then you should know tyler the creator from kanye bigging him up as the video of the year


  3. C94B

    “She litteraly dumped me, ’cause she said ‘you’re just too nice !’”

    If you were 20 years older and both of you weren’t “young” anymore, she would’ve loved the fact that you are nice. But when they’re young, girls apparently like when they are mistreated from time to time. Otherwise that’s just boring for them. Poor Sean, you didn’t know shit about girls, did you ?


  4. StarsRblind

    Tyler and Big Sean made me laugh so much through this episode.


  5. AAA

    oh Man do I love me some Big Sean, I remember the first time me listening to him, and I was like damn this dude is dope, after 2 years of me listening to him, he has grown a lot and I wish him big success, and is it me or his light skin friend was bad!!!!!!!!!….like omg!!!!….and no question that Sean can get it to.


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  7. rnb

    BIG SEAN is the revelation of the year
    BIG SEAN is the revelation of the year
    BIG SEAN is the revelation of the year

    you do know dat
    yeah you do iiiiit

    “my last” give me the creeps


  8. Fan Of A Fan


    if only it was longer “/

    but now they need to do one of rihanna, eminem or nicki minaj


  9. caribean boy

    that girl was cute then, now she and her girl bff look a like like they did some surgery to look like each other.


  10. From Tokyo

    Some of these people are STILL 17. <_<


  11. Jushy

    Big Sean is the sexiest, I would have nvr left him, I like nice guys. Im here Big Sean if u need me lmao


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  13. gangsta music

    gangsta music…

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