Drake Accepts BMI Songwriter of the Year Award [Video]


Drake was the big winner at Friday night’s BMI Urban Awards in Hollywood. The Canadian superstar picked up numerous awards throughout the evening including Songwriter of the Year. He dedicated it to his mother and uncle, and called out former Universal Motown president Sylvia Rhone, who told him he’d never make it.

“I really want to dedicate this award to my mother who never gave me the definition of a word in my life,” said Drizzy. “I would always ask her what does this mean, and she would always make me go look it up and I would have to look through all these words and I would start to learn words and build a vocabulary that was somewhat impressive.

“And to my uncle who sat me down after Sylvia Rhone told me that I didn’t have what it took to make it in the music industry—to my uncle who sat me down and told me that I should keep on going because I have something special. And I also want to dedicate this to Kanye West, to André 3000, and to Phonte of Little Brother because their words always inspired me—and to Snoop, man, thank you for letting me share this night with you.”

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  1. C

    So proud of you Drake!!!!!!


  2. shakaib

    I like Drake he thanked Kanye that made my morning.


    Pusha T Reply:

    @shakaib, loved your comment bro lol


  3. ced

    what a joke his music sucks..lol


    StarsRblind Reply:

    @ced, The joke is your delusions #Kanyeshrug


  4. Joe

    “Yo Drizzy, I’m really happy for you, and I’mma let you finish, but Rico Love wrote some of the BEST SONGS of ALL-TIME! OF ALL-TIME!”

    Seriously, why not award it to a REAL songwriter…


    +1 Reply:

    @Joe,you are just a hater simple as that,always one of you trying to take something away from peoples accomplishments,if Rico Love deserved this moment he would be up there not drake simple as that.


    WatchTheThrone Reply:

    @Joe, because the awards goes by best songwriter, not by whoever’s junk you’re riding on.


  5. xedos

    how come he win over Ester Dean?


    destiny Reply:

    @xedos, true, ester is a beast…but so happy for drake


    Wow Reply:

    @xedos, Great point. Ester wrote way more hits this year and last year.


  6. uhuh

    he didnt thank his boss lil wayne?


  7. >

    gratz drake keep doing you.


  8. Joyams

    happy for him. dont like the sweater though lol


  9. Kayla

    Congrats to Drake! I’m so proud of him!


  10. Yin-and-yang

    Nice shout out to Sylvia ! Ahaa!


  11. jeremydante

    damn, like that?


  12. junebug

    drake has the potential to be an icon in hip hop


  13. M4L

    Congrats Drake. Now can’t wait for Take Care 24 ovoxo.


  14. Mo'Grahams

    I’m so happy 4 my boo! Congrats. I’m proud of him! I was reppin when even the cats in his own city wasn’t behind him! Haaaaa…. take that *Diddy voice*
    It’s a reason Sylvia Rhone isn’t there any more…nuff said.


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  17. teamdrickinyc

    #TeamDrizzy! Im proud of you, drake.


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  20. Sarah

    Its nice of him to thank the god Kanyeesus <3


    From Tokyo Reply:

    @Sarah, If that’s who you worship, your afterlife is going to be very “interesting”. It’s not that serious about any of these artists. smh


  21. simplythebest

    ur absolutely the best keep it up no one can stop u now luv u


  22. Hugh

    Great talent

    Nice jumper too


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