J. Cole, Travis Barker Record ESPN’s ‘Baseball Tonight’ Theme

J. Cole and Travis Barker

ESPN has drafted J. Cole and Travis Barker to provide their interpretations of the “Baseball Tonight” theme song for the 2011 Major League Baseball season. The Roc Nation rapper-producer rattles the speakers with his heavy-hitting beat, while Barker rocks out on his drum-laden version.

Which one of them knocked it out of the park? Listen below and vote in ESPN’s poll. The winner will advance to the next round to face another artist.

J. Cole

Travis Barker

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  1. Denver

    Thats easily travis barker. Sounds just like the normal one with a kick.


  2. junebug

    i like both, but they’ll probably pick travis’ up because i could actually picture it in the intro


  3. DJ

    Travis Barkers sounds boring/uncreative.

    J. Cole all day!


  4. Brionna

    I personally like j.cole’s but Travis’ sound caters more towards the majority white audience in baseball (plz don’t take this the wrong way not trying to be racist)


  5. kels

    j.cole sounds better especially for an espn segment. travis´own works beta for ending a show rather than the start


  6. Triniti

    J. Cole, obviously…


  7. philly11

    J.cole baby! COLE WORLD!!


  8. Quan

    J Cole All day..


  9. Frank

    both a good but travis barker’s is definitely more fitting.


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