Rap-Up TV: Mario Reveals Details on New Single, Album

Mario is ready to break down “The Walls” with his new music. Rap-Up TV caught up with the R&B crooner on the red carpet at the BMI Urban Awards where he shared details about his new Rico Love-penned single featuring Fabolous, scheduled to drop in the next two weeks.

“It’s an incredible R&B record. It’s classic, it’s definitely going to stand out from everything that’s going on,” explained Mario, who gave us a preview on the spot. “It really pays homage to women who are comfortable with being sexy outside and they’re sexy with their men when they get home.”

His as-yet-untitled fifth album, which features production from The Monsters, Young Yonny, and The Underdogs, is 90 percent complete and he anticipates a November or January release. “I’m getting back to the basis of R&B and what I do, being a vocalist and making sure that it’s a lot different from the rest of my projects—making sure it’s classic.”

Also slated to appear on the album is a “club banger” called “Roosevelt (Drop a Dime).” “Hopefully I’ll have Big Sean or Rick Ross on that as a feature,” he added. “It’s gonna be one of the biggest records this year. I promise you that.”

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  1. Aquierra

    His last two albums were disappointing, so I’m not so convinced whether his next will be “classic”.


  2. Lisa

    I didn’t like his attitude during this interview. He was kind of being a show-off. Don’t get me wrong, I like Mario. But talk is cheap. Given the fact that he’s already bragging about how good this album will be, it’s destined to disappoint. He has a lot to back up.


  3. Yeah



  4. OhBrother

    I like him too but his new single “My Bed” (out on iTunes btw) really sucks. It’s like he’s focused all his attention on sexual songs with a catchy beat. Kinda of like Trey Songz but it doesn’t really fit Mario.


  5. OhBrother

    I like Mario too but it’s like he’s focused all his attetion on bringin back what he calls “Classic R&B” and it’s not. It’s just sexual songs with a catchy beat. Kinda like Trey Songz except it doesn’t really fit Mario. I don’t like his “My Bed” single either.


  6. Isis

    His albums tend to fall short….we’ll see Mario. :)


  7. lmao

    a song by mario one of the biggest records this year ?? yeah right.. dude fell off long time ago

    nowadays he’s just one of those rnb artists who no one really gives a sh1t about


  8. nte

    i agree with most of u guys. i was also like “what?what did u say?” i hope he is not giving people high hopes when he will deliver nothin. hope he is not thinkin too highly of himself. his “let me love u” days are over or lets wait and see.
    he is just an average bland rnb singer now.nothin much


  9. Lala

    The preception of women in R&B is it’s downfall! Didn’t he beat up his mum last year! Was it when “the lights went down” LMAO
    What a looser!


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  11. Fukahater

    whats up with all these has been artists trying to come back now and claiming they going “back to the basics” like for real #sit the shit is getting old.


  12. Waluigifan

    Mario also announced on Twitter that the recently leaked song “Overflow” will be on his next album. It’s a really good song!
    I’m curious… I really hope this album will be good… his album “D.N.A.” was quite disappointing because all the material leaked on the Internet months before the album release.


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  14. bigmama

    Look I love Mario, so what! his other album’s flop but the real thing is he’s got it. And the song the (walls) I love it. It true R&B but these day’s if u here song on the radio that they play like dance music or pop or hip hop or country or just out right noise Mario just thinking how people will injoy this New Album he’s bring out this year hey Mario Canada Love’s U and so do I.


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