New Music: Justin Bieber f/ Drake – ‘Trust Issues (Remix)’

Justin Bieber and Drake

Justin Bieber has tried his hand at rapping (see Chris Brown’s “Ladies Love Me”) and now he remixes Drake’s “Trust Issues.” The teen idol, who will release a Christmas album this fall, sings Drizzy’s slowed down lyrics, but keeps it clean for his young fans. His fellow Canadian’s rap verse remains in tact.

Is this a hint at the direction the Biebs will be taking on his next album? Hitmakers Danja and Kevin Cossom previously told Rap-Up TV that his new material will be edgier. “What I’m creating for him I think is definitely a more mature sound. That’s where he’s headed now,” said Danja.

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  1. Jerry

    This song is Dope! Fuck off Haaterrssss!


  2. Giuliana

    I liked (:


  3. Hi

    He sounds bored I guess it’s cause his voice got deeper.


  4. JHP

    If the sound of Bieber’s next album is more like this and Ladies Love Me than it might just be a problem, I’ll listen to it on the low low lol


    MusicMusic01 Reply:

    @JHP, lol I know right. I’ve been wondering what his new stuff will sound like. His voice sounds better to me, now that it’s deeper.


  5. Lala

    Drake is dueting with a lesbian teenage girl? That’s what I call open minded LMAOOOOO


    Andres Reply:

    @Lala, Lmfaooooooooooo


  6. beyonce flop singles



  7. Abdullah

    tyler the creator would cover it better lmao!

    he sux


  8. kay

    Nice try but I’ll stick to Drake’s version.


    WatchTheThrone Reply:

    @kay, i’d suggest you stick to the weeknd’s version. i’m a huge drake fan but nobody’s version can touch the weeknd’s
    future of R&B


  9. Um.Well.Sure.

    Not trying to sound like a hater but he’s always been vocally boring, this song just makes you realize it because there’s no fancy beat to cover it up.


  10. Tella

    I really liked this song before but with Justin Bieber in it I’m beginning to love the song! Much love to Drake and the Biebs!


  11. Ice

    Wow, Biebs killed it. 0_o


  12. Ruston

    Drake need stop giving his good songs away to other artist, cuz all they do is f**k them up


  13. da fan



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