Behind the Video: Nas – ‘Nasty’


Nas caused a scene when he returned to his old stomping grounds of Queens, New York, to shoot a video for “Nasty,” the first single off his upcoming album Life Is Good. The local residents came out in droves to catch a glimpse of the hometown hero. He teamed up with director Jason Goldwatch to shoot scenes on the block, in the Queensbridge projects where he grew up, and in the back of a Rolls-Royce. “A lot of people can’t come back here, but that’s one that can,” said his childhood friend Snacks.

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  1. Yeah

    one of the Best!!!


    Wow Reply:

    @Yeah, Co-sign!!!!!!


  2. sitrr

    Nasty NAS!!! Can’t wait for this album
    One of the last real ones left
    I hope J.Cole is on this album. I would loveeee to hear a track with Nas and Cole going back and forth on a record with an east coast 90′s beat!


    Lifee Reply:

    @sitrr, That would be music heaven :)


  3. Carmo

    3 comments for a rap legend. yet the story about christina milian taking a shit gets 80 comments. change your damn name rap up.


    KimIsTheQueen Reply:

    @Carmo, lmfaooooo! You are so right though!


    West Reply:

    @Carmo, where’s the story about christina milian taking a shit? i must’ve missed it.


  4. kslay

    i don’t have itunes, can i just go to the record store and pick it up! why do we have to be all technical and shit about music.


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