Celebrities React to Beyoncé’s Pregnancy


In case you didn’t hear the news, hip-hop’s first couple is having their first child. Moments after Beyoncé made her big announcement at the MTV Video Music Awards, her peers took to Twitter to offer congratulatory messages to Mr. and Mrs. Carter. B’s sister Solange shed tears of joy, Pink shared some motherly advice for the mom-to-be, and Katy Perry offered to babysit the unborn child. Share in the celebratory tweets.

Solange: One.And.Only. I could not possibly be more proud. Tears in my eyes. No one deserves it more. That doesn’t happen by accident. That doesn’t happen by chance. That doesn’t happen by gimmicks.

Katy Perry: Also…@Beyonce me & @rustyrockets are avail to baby sit anytime! We’z real responsible…ish :P #HIPHOPBABY

Pink: What an adorable way to announce a baby:) congratulations beyonce and jay z! Get your sleep now.

Chris Brown: Congrats on the baby B and Jay

Michelle Williams: OVERJOYED!

Chrisette Michele: Beyonce is preggers. That’s like the coolest thing I ever heard. Bey-Jay they should name him or her. BJ Carter :) I should b the godmommy

JoJo: OMG OMG OMG Beyonce is pregnant!!!! She looks stunning!!!!!

Dawn Richard: Yes Beyonce… #glowing gonna be a talented child.. God bless them both!

Keyshia Cole: That is soo wonderful. So happy for her.

Keri Hilson: She’s doing it with child!! If that aint empowering I dunno what IS :)

Trina: Beyonce… Yesssssssss!!!! tears of joy #faints


Angie Beyince, cousin: We couldn’t be more excited ! The sweet anticipation of the new arrival!

Kim Kardashian: I’m sooo happy for Beyonce & Jay Z!!!! Be’s preggo!!! Congrats!

Busta Rhymes: @Beyonce definately smashed the Vma’s!!! Congrats 2 u and @S_C_ on ur new baby…God Bless…

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  1. sabrina

    Congrats to them.


  2. Music Lover

    Aww so sweet. thanks rap up for posting!


  3. WhataF



  4. dededededede

    that baby gone come out ugly ya’ll


  5. Mike504

    Chris Brown took the high road and still congratulated them after Jay-Z didn’t clap for his performance. I hope he starts showing that mature side more often.

    On that note, this baby will be spoiled and won’t have to want for anything.


    CJay Reply:

    @Mike504, That was the same thing I was thinking Jay did attempt to give a piss-poor clap but I know Chris ain’t tripping. That will be the most talented baby of all time tho lol


    jackswagger Reply:

    @Mike504, Why is everybody tripping on jay not standing up , jumping up and down for chris brown performance, I’m pretty sure jay enjoy it, he just didnt show any expression, thats how jay is anyway, only person he really was supporting was..his wife (can’t blame him that)


  6. Brionna

    LMAO at Bj carter….Jay said if its a girl her name is going to be Brooklyn Carter!!!
    so happy for them!!!! King Bey


    nichelle Reply:

    @Brionna, i actually like that name tho! lol


    uhuh Reply:

    @nichelle, u really want to curse ur child with a name as BJ…. nickname for blowjob?


    Whatcha_Sayin Reply:

    @uhuh, Exactly what I thought lmao


  7. olatunji



  8. mike

    I don’t know why this news makes me so happy. Congrats to her. She has worked her butt off for over a decade and I’ve been able to enjoy her music. Now she can enjoy the amazing gift of life. God bless her and jay and their new baby!


  9. divaaa

    yesss jesus bout to be born .


    Real Issh Reply:

    @divaaa, Are you okay ?


    REALLY Reply:

    @Real Issh, lol my thoughts exactly


  10. Oh Please

    LMAO BUT LOOK AT KERI HILSON THO! the same one who threw shade..yeah iigh


    Corbama Reply:

    @Oh Please, Yeah I know lol


  11. JAYE

    I feel like my cousin is pregnant, I’m so happy for her! lol


  12. TODD

    who the fucks cares!!!!!!!!!!


    hater Reply:

    @TODD, U must care


    Humm Reply:

    @hater, You because you read it !


    Real Issh Reply:

    @TODD, You becuz you read & commented just like I did . Kisses .


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  14. Slim

    Lol @JAYE Its funny we all act like they r part of out family:) We r just soooooooo excited for them both! She’s just glowing!!


  15. bbmonstah

    Soooo happy:) Was wondern when she is gonna have one:) Congrats Bey & Jay <3 #UltimateHipHopCouple. …now…what is gonna be the name??!!! 0.0


  16. jermal

    I love her:))))))))


  17. ADebt2Society

    I think the baby should be called JB, sounds more like a boy name but it can definitely go both ways. He is J and she is B, its just perfect and it sounds nice J.B. Carter. I don’t reccommend naming children after any of NYC’s 5 boroughs.

    I am very happy for Beyonce, and remember Destiny’s Child no-no-no video years ago when I was a little girl. I’ve watched her grow up into a business woman, wife and now a mother. I genuinely hope everything works out for her because she deserves it.


  18. maya

    First off LMAO at Katy Perry’s tweet, she was tipsy tweeting that. Incase ya’ll ain’t know she was feeling nice the WHOLE night. Love her!

    Me & Jojo basically had the same reaction and that was sweet of Chris being that there is still some tension between him & Jay.


  19. Anonymous

    [...] [...]

  20. Bizzle

    baby illuminate, smh…


    Real Issh Reply:

    @Bizzle, Shade EPIC fail .


  21. carol

    looks like riri successfully tricked jay into destroying his wife hard earned career. when she can’t make a comeback, she’s going to divorce him, and the shedevil will celebrate


  22. carol

    the baby should be named



  23. joyce

    where’s rihanna tweet??? she too busy gloating


    maya Reply:

    @joyce, She has a close relationship with them, she doesn’t need to tweet. I’m sure she will be buying baby gifts and all.


  24. mims

    be is a role model cuz with jay z they were friends then best friends then they were dating then they got engaged n married and after 3 years she got pregs<3


  25. ...hi there

    bout time jigga stop shootin blanks wit his old azz… i know bey was like “what the fuck? it took ur ass this long to knock me up?!”… and what is up with katy perry’s smart ass with that “#HIPHOPBABY”? stupid hoe.


  26. hot and horny

    …so you mean ol’ jay’s sperm isn’t dead, drained, and burnt out like that watch the throne album? amazing news :o


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  28. Tel

    im soooooo happy for them :)


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