Kreayshawn Interviews Kelly Rowland, JoJo, Big Sean, & Tyler, the Creator

Kreayshawn and Big Sean

If rapping doesn’t work out for Kreayshawn, she may have a new calling interviewing celebrities. The “Gucci Gucci” rapper was hired by MTV to host their “Red Carpet Report” and she didn’t disappoint, letting loose during her laidback chats. She asked Kelly Rowland about her peacock dress (“You so crazy girl!” Kelly told her), asked to sit on Amber Rose’s lap (“Only you though,” said boyfriend Wiz Khalifa), questioned fellow Best New Artist nominee Big Sean about his furry fashion, and told Young Money’s Shanell to take a spin so she could get a peek of her ass. You won’t be able to stop watching.

For the rest of Kreayshawn’s interviews, check out

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  1. Phoenix_Wright

    These interviews seem so awkward but still funny at the same time, especially the ones with Lil Mama, Wiz, Big Sean, and Jojo.


  2. ughreally

    She actually wasn’t bad (her own interviews are kinda boring) I like her interview with Wiz (might come as a helicopter..that’s fly haha) and Big Sean. Big Sean seems real personable.
    Lil Mama looked nice. Really liked her dress. Jojo looked hot too.


  3. BLAZE

    Wow she is so crazy they were looking at her like WTF is this trash lol


  4. Jimmy

    Haha love her!


  5. CITY






  7. sglade

    Skylar Grey is creepy as fuck


  8. yourboycelebrity

    LOL Skylar Grey got #Shamed she said oh so you guys BFF’s??? Hahahahahahaha


  9. Bigbass

    Lmao… so the interview with Skylar Grey was hilarious “Are yall bff’s” she is nuts. Gotta luv her yo.



    lol she’s funny but I still don’t like her as a rapper



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  12. Um.Well.Sure.

    Her personality is actually likable, however her rapping leaves much to be desired.


  13. LOL

    did she just call her my good woman??? HAHAHHA


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