New Music: The-Dream – ‘Wake Me When It’s Over’


The-Dream bites the bullet on the sorrowfully seductive “Wake Me When It’s Over,” the first offering from his Internet album 1977, available as a free download on Wednesday.

The Radio Killa tells of a failed relationship where he was made out to be the bad guy. “Life on the Internet/ I look like a devil/ But you wearing the red dress, holding the shovel,” he sings.

The 11-track LP, which will be released under his real name Terius Nash, serves as a gift to his fans before the release of his fourth album The Love, IV: Diary of a Madman.

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  1. Gucci Ninja

    This is what I’ve been waiting for! The-Dream is dope!
    Haters gonna hate, but hey it’s for his fans!


  2. dalastrealnicca

    It’s a cool/nice song, but I would still rather hear someone else sing it….


  3. DRB

    He lost a bit of weight…photoshop and camera angles do wonders


  4. swahh

    This Shit goes in. Different as Hell from what we use to hearing.

    And drb, that picture is old. Lol.


  5. aerick

    Damnnnn this song is sicckkkk…best Th-Dream leak in months


  6. BlV

    great song


  7. Ice

    I’m speechless, and that was only track 1! Can’t wait for 1977!


  8. MusicHead

    Nobody cares though…


  9. Terius Nash // Wake Me When It’s Over (TRK) | HEADNODZ.FM

    [...] Respect: RapUp [...]

  10. Lukas

    that shit sounds exactly like drake… but i guess The Dream was doing it first. so crazy how shot gets turned around. but seriously when his voice gets pitch shifted it sounds exactly like drake


  11. Qstubb

    This song is jamming. He always brings it with his music and he is a handsome man even w/o photoshop and the weight loss. Team Dream here!


  12. thecool



  13. chelle

    dang.. all his music is so sexy nd nice. he needs to make more music. ASAP!! this one is GREAT!


  14. ohioan

    THE DREAM IS INCREDIBLY UNDER RATED…but its okay bc I enjoy him every chance I get :)


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