Rap-Up TV: Lil Twist Hints at New Lil Wayne, Chris Brown Record

When we interviewed him last month, Lil Twist told us that he had recorded a club record for the ladies called “Flowers” for Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV. Yesterday at the VMAs, the Young Money rapper explained that the “swagged-out” song wasn’t finished in time to make the album and that a surprise guest (Chris Brown) has since been added to it.

“It’s coming real soon, like in a matter of weeks,” he told Rap-Up TV, while also spilling details about his collaborations with Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, and Drake off his debut Don’t Get It Twisted, due in November.

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  1. Ariana

    Lil Twist is kidding his elmo-sounding ass to believe a track with him on it would have ever had the slightest chance at making Carter IV. LOL.


    Will Reply:

    @Ariana, Lmfaooo right that song must have been complete trash this dudes album will flop onceits released


  2. JustaWayneFan

    little girls will support twist


  3. BenP

    Stop hating Twist is doing him.


  4. maya

    I’m tired of Chris Brown collabing with non-factors *sigh*


    Miszi Reply:

    @maya, It’s people collabing with Chris not Chris collabing with them.


  5. rnb

    i love the song “young money”
    btw, again a song chris brown/ lil wayne

    i think they are the best colaboration dudes


  6. Lorna

    you are great, i love your style, and you have so much emtioons in your keep up the good work.courtney


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