‘How to Love’ Producer to Work on Kanye West’s New Album

After producing Lil Wayne’s top 5 smash “How to Love,” Detail’s phone has been ringing off the hook. The producer tells Rap-Up TV that he is about to head into the studio to lay down tracks for Kanye West’s next album and shares his recent collaborations with T-Pain and No Doubt.

While he was careful not to disclose too much, he did promise to bring his A-game to half of The Throne. “I know when I get in with Kanye, everything’s going to go to a whole ‘nother level,” he said.

He also has T-Pain’s next single off rEVOLVEr called “Bottles,” sharing, “The club’s gonna go hammer on it.”

And he’s venturing outside of hip-hop with Gwen Stefani and No Doubt for the band’s first album in 10 years. “Think George Michael with a new party type of sound,” he explained. “The sound is crazy and I spent a lot of time on it too.”

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  1. Hugh

    He does seem like a cool guy. Actually, reminds me of Rick James!


  2. Dan

    Kanye has been on a hot streak for a while now. Can’t wait for the new music but I’m still rockin to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Watch The Throne. The guy has one of the strongest discographies I’ve ever heard.


  3. Jimmy

    He genuinely seems like a cool guy, I’m happy for his success.


  4. brisporta

    It probably won’t make the final album, what ever happened to the kanye and madlib?


  5. TRA

    Kanye West has one of the greatest discographies any music artist wish they could have. Kanye West has two classic albums in College Dropout, and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Kanye West also has four good albums in Late Registration, Graduation, 808s and Heartbreak, and Watch The Throne. Kanye has made 5 straight platinum, critical acclaim solo albums which has won him 14 Grammy Awards. As long as Kanye West continues to put out good music, he’ll win more Grammy Awards in the future. Detail is a very, hot producer right now at the moment, I am pretty sure Detail will do his best to help produce hits for Kanye West, since Kanye West is on a hot streak when comes to music.


  6. JHP

    I’m still bumping damn near the whole WTT album daily, and a few songs from MBDTF. I already can’t wait for Kanye’s Sixth Solo Album. Detail is on fire right now after How To Love and he do seem like a cool guy, so I’m expecting nothing but fire from this


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