New Music: Soulja Boy – ‘The Last Crown’ [Mixtape]

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy shares his wealth of material on his latest mixtape The Last Crown. The 21-year-old rapper gets on his “Pretty Boy” swag with Lil B, stacks his paper with Big Sean (“Love Money”), and turns it up with French Montana on “What Up Dawg.” Download the 19-track tape below.

Download: Soulja Boy – The Last Crown

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  1. realsoulajgurl

    i love you soulja boy xoxo

    this mixtape is nice I love “hold you down” so much I feel like you are talking directly to me boy stay healthy I love youu :)


  2. yeahyeah

    Soulja Boy go away.


  3. kelly

    why does everyone have these gothic album arts now ? kanye and hova the dream and now soulja boy ?


    Fan Of A Fan Reply:

    @kelly, I KNOW RIGHT !!


  4. da beast

    soulja boy is the best fuck everyone who hates him


    IKARYSS Reply:

    @da beast, lol wow.


  5. Musichead

    More trash!!!Just give it up. Who ever listens to this shIt is L A M E!!!!!


  6. Sally Wong

    Still using autotune in 2011 for a rap song has definitely confirmed that he is indeed the Anti Christ.

    Love and Kisses,
    Sally Wong


  7. Chri$

    SB do have some dope songs, but the sh’t he has dropped this year and last novemburrr is just really awful!!!!

    R.I.P. Soulja’s Music:(


  8. Tahlia

    He’s so 2007.


  9. The Truth

    “The last clown” would have been a more suitable title!


  10. fngh

    Just face tha truth oldja


  11. Fan Of A Fan

    complete and utter TRASH!
    the only songs decent are post up & swag daddy.

    and all he f*cking talks about are b*tch’s chains and MONEY MONEY MONEY !!

    i bet when soulja boy came out with his “crank that” jayz, kanye, eminem etc were like “wtf o.O is this shit”


  12. . J .

    I could only make it through 30 secs of this mixtape before I started laughing uncontrollably . . . This dude is the Joke of the industry
    Auto tune- rapping like a 4th grader- not talkin bout real s#it
    Him & Krayon or kreyshawn whtever her name is need to go apply for a job @ McDonalds bc this rap thing aint working for them


  13. damojo

    @.j. WORD!!


  14. Shaniqua :)

    Complete garbage .


  15. brian

    this is the shit soulja boy has went and gave us a masterpiece again shoutouts soulja boy keep doin ya thing bro im down with wat eva you make bc w.e. u make its on another level


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