T.I. Back in Prison After Being Removed from Halfway House


Only a day after being released from a federal prison, T.I. has hit another snag. The Southern rapper is back in federal custody after being removed from a halfway house.

Steve Sadow, Tip’s lawyer, tells The Associated Press that prison officials objected to his client’s use of a tour bus to move from the Federal Correctional Center in Forrest City, Arkansas, to a halfway house in Atlanta.

“[The Federal Bureau of Prisons] has moved T.I. to a different facility,” Sadow explained. “There appears to be confusion surrounding the method of transportation.”

T.I. had arranged his own travel between the two locations, arriving in a luxury tour bus with his entourage. The U.S. Bureau of Prisons’ website listed the rapper as being “in transit” as of Thursday evening. His location was not disclosed.

The 30-year-old MC was released from an Arkansas facility on Wednesday morning, 10 months after he began serving a sentence for a parole violation from a gun conviction. The remainder of his 11-month sentence is to be carried out in a community service center or halfway house in Atlanta.

Upon his release, he immediately began filming a new reality TV show for VH1 documenting his return. The 10-episode series is scheduled to start airing December 5 at 10 p.m.

UPDATE: T.I. has been sent back to a federal penitentiary in downtown Atlanta to continue serving his sentence. Prison officials claim that he misled them into thinking he’d travel from the prison to the halfway house in a van instead of a tour bus.

T.I.’s lawyer tells TMZ, “We are awaiting the opportunity to quickly resolve whatever the issue may be that the Federal Bureau of Prisons has with T.I.’s method of transportation, bus, from Arkansas to Atlanta, so that T.I. can return to the halfway house to complete the remaining days of his sentence.”

T.I. Bus

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  1. Yeah

    sigh! #FREETIP


  2. jasmine



    Ray Reply:

    @jasmine, Exactly lol


  3. Nicole

    @jasmine, lmao He will be back there in no time!


    Boy Wonder Reply:

    @Nicole, Damn you got the power of life or death in your damn tongue. Don’t jinx that man like that! F*ck is wrong with you?!? But if it was somebody in your family tho… SMDH


  4. Brionna

    oh ti…


  5. SEKinG

    Son, I am disappoint.


  6. allen

    disappointed dumb ass fuck you @nicole you people dare to forgive chris brown well what about TI


    Stre3t Danc@ Reply:

    @allen, shut yo bitch ass!! Chris has nothin to do with this!


    OHWOW Reply:

    @allen, dude stfu and stop caring so much about one person’s opinion. A his incident was nearly 3 F**KING YEARS AGO. T.I. will be back at the top as long as T.I. fans stay faithful to him! Take that up with T.I.’s FANBASE not Teambreezy.


  7. ZANIA

    I guess the folks didn’t like the fact that he got out of prison in luxury bus and about to make millions with his reality show. Man has to feed his family.


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  9. andy_789

    wtf is wrong with this guy? stop acting against the law and bring out some f!ckin new music already… #goddamnit


  10. LOL

    so just because he used a tour bus and not a van?


  11. DRB

    Bus or van, does it matter? Maybe he shouldn’t be flaunting as soon as he gets out, it’s just rubs their face in it, but seriously


  12. copy that

    What is the problem if it is not taxpayers money? T.I. is the King.


  13. kam

    i told ya he’ll be back lol @allen chris brown only made one mistake. T.I. had like 30 chances he music been irrelevant since 08


  14. johnnyutah

    even if this tour bus fiasco is absurd, ya’ll forgot WHY HE WAS JUST RELEASED IN THE FIRST PLACE.


  15. Really?



  16. Chrislacoste89

    Fuck all u hater T.i. is the best i cant wait 4 the next album


  17. sdfga

    I love it when a bunch of ignorant fucks start hating. Who the fuck cares what T.I. did? He’s out and they throw him back in because they’re mad about his ride. Get the fuck over it. The fuck else is he going to shoot a reality show? In a cramped ass van with 20 members of his posse or in a tour bus? Let the nigga breathe.


  18. Tshepi

    *sighhhhh* good luck T.I


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