Album Cover: Leona Lewis – ‘Glassheart’


Leona Lewis has stars in her eyes on the striking cover of her third album Glassheart. The British beauty pierces the artwork with her green eyes and brown hair, donning a red sequined dress.

The “X Factor” champ has collaborated with a talented group of hitmakers including Chuck Harmony, Claude Kelly, Andrea Martin, Kevin Rudolf, and Avicii, whose beat she borrowed for the lead dance single “Collide.” The album arrives in the U.K. on November 28.

What do you think of Leona’s cover art? Share your thoughts.

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  1. Joseph Mccoy

    She looks amazing!
    So fucking gorgeous!


  2. dorsa

    when she won x factor, i thought she’d be the next mariah.
    now look what she’s become. some wanna be dance music singer.
    what the fuck happened? :S


    Ice Reply:

    @dorsa, I feel the same way. Bleeding Love reminded me so much of Mariah in her early days that it sent chills down my spine when I heard the high notes. Now, it seems as if her music is getting less interesting and I used to think she was beautiful, now she is hideous to me, especially on this cover.


    Triniti Reply:

    @dorsa, I know what you mean. I don’t get it.


  3. Creezy



  4. Miguel



  5. Kyle

    I love it. It definitely strikes your eye.


  6. Lisa



  7. NickiMinaj

    Sweet and super-title!


  8. isabella!

    not what i was expecting, call me once she makes music like bleeding in love, leave pop to those who can do it properly, she does outstanding on R&B


  9. clyde

    this looks so last minute and like they made it on paint the pics gud but font is sooo bad


  10. fngh

    she looks like a barbie in this pix


  11. Triniti

    It’s nice. She’s very pretty.


  12. OsO

    I like it….
    can’t wait for the album


  13. Lala

    Overrated average singer
    Her 15 minutes of fame are over
    1 hit was never enough


  14. Hugh

    She should make Adele type music
    More soul and ballads


  15. Leydyred

    She couldve positioned her mouth better. It messes up the whole look. Is she buck toothed or something? eughh


  16. jay_scorpio



  17. Mettler

    I would tear dat up!she has no idea what i would do to her uhhhh!


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