Rap-Up TV: Kevin McCall Speaks on Chris Brown’s ‘Fortune,’ Solo Debut

Kevin McCall is stepping out from behind the scenes with his forthcoming debut, due on CBE/Jive Records. The singer-songwriter, who helped pen “Deuces” and Keri Hilson’s “One Night Stand,” caught up with Rap-Up TV to discuss his solo music and what fans can expect from Chris Brown’s upcoming album Fortune.

“Chris Brown is behind me 100 percent,” said Kevin, who formed a writing team with Chris and SeVen (formerly of RichGirl). “I’m working with Chris a lot. I did a lot of stuff with other producers just because I believe you have to venture out to find new sounds.”

He and Breezy collaborated heavily on Fortune, scheduled for an early 2012 release. “The Fortune album is really done. Chris Brown has four albums done if he wants to,” he revealed. “But the album’s done and it’s great. I like it better than F.A.M.E. personally.”

Kevin plans to join Chris on select dates of his “F.A.M.E.” tour, starting later this month.

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  1. Cranberry

    I genuinely hope he- Kevin- never makes it big.


    WonderLand19 Reply:

    @Cranberry, Your such a WASTEMAN! You should never say that. Do you know how amazing and talented K-Mac is? He WILL make it BIG! BIGGER than your fav.

    Iam so happy K-Mac got signed to Jive. Thats pretty major! He is a very talented writer/producer and vocalist. Its sad to hear that ‘RichGirl’ have offically split as they were badass. However, iam happy SeVen is still writing because she’s amazing.
    I hope Chris Brown works with Joelle James on ‘Fortune’. There vocals go great together. plus, ‘Leave the club’is a TUUUUNE!
    I hope K-Mac releases next year as he needs more hype. Iam also glad ‘Fortune’ will be released next year as i need more songs off ‘F.A.M.E’ to be released, such as ‘Bomb’, ‘Paper, Rock,scissors’ and ‘Oh my love’.



    Cranberry Reply:

    @WonderLand19, typical brainwashed Team Breezy member. “Bigger than [my] fav?” Please, have a seat.

    Every member of CBE beyond Chris is a waste that will NOT make it. Simply stating a fact.


    100% true Reply:


    Do you mean to say, Seven, Kevin and Joelle can not succeed purely on their talents?

    CBE/ JIVE/ Sony is simply like Young Money/cash money/ universal. They produce the songs JIVE distribute it.

    CBE is tight & on fire creatively (singing & rapping) and thats what give the edge over others.

    Anyway, this isn’t the 1st time someone will predict wrong about CBE camp so lets wait and see what happens again.


    WonderLand19 Reply:

    @Cranberry, Go find a corner and have several SEATS! TeamBreezy are not brainwashed. We recongnise and support talent. Something that you DONT do.
    Talent shines so there is no reason why CBE can’t succeed. Plus, Why would JIVE sign flops?
    Have you even heard K-Mac/Joelle James/SeVen sing?
    You have brains, why dont you use 10% of it :)


  2. Stre3t Danc@

    KMac’s got potential. Can’t wait for FORTUNE, tho!!


  3. ellis

    breezy has always been a workaholic, like his soul depends on it.cant wait for FORTUNE too.


  4. musicIsLife

    Kind of figured it was too good to be true that Chris would release two albums in one year. lol. Doesn’t matter I’ll get it whenever he does release it. Besides I’m already waiting for like 3 or 4 albums to come out for the rest of this year anyway. Those will hold me over. #Teambreezy


  5. isabella!

    F.A.M.E was crap, he had way too much autotune on it i would rather listen to his real voice than a machine. i know some people love the party anthems but please no more yeah 3x. that shit was annoying as fuck, i hope there is alot more r&b on Fortune.


    OHWOW Reply:

    @isabella!, F.A.M.E was incredible. Idk what ur on about…


  6. rnb

    kmac is a great guy, chris brown found an amazing artist

    he produced “deuces” with his piano, he tried some melody and found the famous beginning. and this became what we know. this story is beautiful

    i’ll see if fortune will be better than F.A.M.E but that seems impossible bc F.A.M.E is a mix of ALL INFLUENCES

    but with, fortune, if chris puts “open road” (asian sound)and “trumpet lights” (trumpets and oriental/ latino sounds) on this, it will be an album which is a mix off ALL CULTURES


  7. romeo_j5

    but he made more money with yeah 3x and beautifull people than any arb song…..


  8. Britt

    If “Fortune” is already done, then why is Chris Brown waiting to release it next year? And why is he letting all of this music (that can make him about 4 albums) why is he letting it all go to waste?


    Will Reply:

    @Britt, Hes not waiting its because hes going on Tour which will go into next year then after he will take a quick break then release Fortune. You have to understand that Labels put tons of money into platinum selling artists and its all about setting it up correctly and not rushing into projects. Chris Brown has made enough songs for 4+ albums which is smart, just goes to show hes ahead of most artists.


  9. .


    YEAH 3X
    NEX 2 YOU



  10. Um.Well.Sure.

    KMac gives me a The-Dream vibe, writes and produces magic but falls short when it comes to his own career. Speaking of SeVen from RichGirl, where the hell are they? And when did she leave/get cut from the group? Rap up let me know something.


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