Kreayshawn Has Close Encounter with Bird [Video]


Kreayshawn may have her fair share of haters, but birds seem to love her. The “Gucci Gucci” rapper was strolling through an L.A. neighborhood when a Cockatiel swooped off a rooftop and landed on her head. She continued on her way with the feathery creature nested in her hair, even offering it ice cream (it declined). “A bird landed on my head today! It was a blessing!” she wrote.

While this is not exactly breaking news, the video made us laugh and hopefully you’ll get a kick out of it too. We feel a viral sensation coming along…

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  1. t



    listen Reply:

    @t, paid programming by Columbia Records. if not, this is sad…


  2. Aaron

    Lol birds love birds.


    credits Reply:

    @Aaron, Birds of a feather flock together.


  3. isabella!

    lol that was cute


    Asher Roth Reply:

    @isabella!, shut up isabella, it was not cute. i dont kno why people seem to air their opinion when at the end of the day theyre talking #garbage. zero #swag


  4. ed



  5. Kara

    okay so that bird was trained those birds are domesticated birds and dont live in that habitat and we didnt see the bird fly on her head so planned….. im just saying


    ok... Reply:

    @Kara, she just said it came from that house its obviously someones bird it probley just did that with its owner and when it saw her and the window was open it flew right on her head..duhh


  6. lay

    So staged. Anything for attention these days. In the past week this girl started a beef with Rick Ross, leaked her own nudes and just happened to have a bird land on her head. #ThingsThatMakeYouGoHmmm


    fngh Reply:

    @lay, lol


  7. wally

    wish it would’ve shitted on her damn head.


    CITY Reply:



  8. MajkPoland

    shes so cute ;d

    + Rick Ross give her a bird



    that’s not a parakeet that’s a cockatiel lol


  10. Hugh

    Thats funny

    Kreay is awesome


  11. Rellz

    luv kreay ppl need to leave her alone


  12. minajarama

    heart hearts for kreay!

    love herrrr forevssss



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