New Music: Jay Sean f/ Lupe Fiasco – ‘Say Yeah’

Jay Sean and Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco connects with his pal from across the pond, Jay Sean, on “Say Yeah,” a cut off the British singer’s mixtape The Mistress, dropping Tuesday. The Cash Money signee sings in a falsetto over the breezy beat, while Lupe kicks a laid-back verse. Listen to the radio rip below.

Jay Sean f/ Lupe Fiasco – “Say Yeah” [Radio Rip]

[RapRadar via The LupE.N.D. Blog]

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  1. bknyhustle


    *sees Ginuwine hoppin on the remix*


  2. TDOT


    Fried chicken. Jumbalaya, fresh corn, hushpuppies, clams, all u can eat crabs!




  3. Ice

    This sounds like early Music Soulchild, Glenn Lewis or R&B from like 2000/2001 or something. Why doesn’t Jay Sean go this route with his radio singles instead of that pop crap. This is worth listening to! I might have to cop this mixtape.


  4. Hugh

    This is awesome


  5. Triniti

    Message to Jay Sean:




  6. YMCMB

    i thought it would be more pop like love


  7. wow

    he needs to make more songz like this. it reminds me of music back in the early 2000′s back when music was still good.


  8. Eargazzm

    He used to be like this before he signed with Cash Money. :(


    ChiGirl Reply:

    I love him…


  9. Hmm

    what are you guys talking about..he always been like this before cash money..he VERSATILE, he can switch styles and that what did when he was in uk. he went pop to break into US market. go listen to his older albums then see


  10. allen

    most of you comments say do this type of music because even though this is a really good song nobody might downloaad it to be honest unless it sounds like motivation


  11. HelloThere

    I agree with most of you. He’s going back to his R&B roots on this mixtape. He went way too pop and mainstream here in the U.S. That’s all he released! He is way better than that. Now he’s proving to people that he’s more than just a mainstream artist. Only problem is, you know how it is in America, it’s probably too late to prove that. He should’ve did this a LONG time ago :(


  12. feenixa

    uhhh Usher soundalike?


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