JoJo Returns Home for Tour Kickoff with Joe Jonas and Jay Sean


JoJo was welcomed back with open arms when she returned to the stage last night in Boston. The 20-year-old singer was surrounded by family and friends while opening on the first stop of Joe Jonas and Jay Sean’s North American tour at the House of Blues.

Dressed in a busty black top and leggings, she performed her hits “Leave (Get Out)” and “Too Little Too Late,” her popular remix of Drake’s “Marvin’s Room,” as well as new material from her upcoming album Jumping Trains, including the first single “Disaster.”

“What a night… Thanks Boston. I had SO much fun,” tweeted JoJo. Catch a couple of her performances below and find out when she’ll be in a city near you.

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  1. A.Dre

    Thats my wife!! ;-) she kills her performances everytime!! I’ve been dying to hear this album for years! Shoutout to all the real fans who have been keepin up with her since the beggining!


    Songstress Reply:

    @A.Dre, YES YESSS ! I love her so much !


  2. JoJoArmy

    Damn she is HOT! She sounds good



    Not hating because I’m definitely a fan but did she fake that note @2:10? I could have just been the video but I’m thinking not.


    Da Biggest Boss Reply:

    @KINGCHRIS, she was sick last week and her voice still hasn’t recovered. She had to dodge a couple high notes because of that. But believe me when her voice recovers she going to slay those notes live.


    Train_Jumper Reply:

    @KINGCHRIS, It was probably a skip, she had to go on vocal rest for a while and was sick a few times and her voice is still recovering. she almost lost her voice forever!





  5. soflashyfr3sh

    I’ve been anticipating her return to music since “The High Road” album … much success to you miss Joanna Lavesque


  6. OsO

    amazing! (as always)


  7. lie to me bABY

    Love lie to me perfomance!!! and disaster too. She faked the note cuz she was sick and her voice was all tht but she sang very well.


  8. #TeamJoJO

    JoJos Voice is still recovering from her being sick, thats why she avoided the higher notes. Still great performance though. :)


  9. Kelsii Elaine

    I’m so so so so proud of her! She’s finally back I’ve been a fan since Leave(Get out) WE LOVE YOU JOJO From the 954 area code and Tampa Bay/Dade City! Can’t wait to see you preform in person!!


  10. Jennie

    That’s my girl, been my favorite since the beginning. Been waiting for this day for years. She’s back, and still the best:)


  11. AV0KZ

    Wow! She did amazing! I love “Lie To Me” also! It could be a good second single! I can’t wait to see her on 9/19 in SF! So pumped!!


  12. maya

    I love her :) Can’t wait 4 Jumping Trains


  13. damiskus16

    Marvin’s Room and Disaster are both mine!!! YAY! Sorry for the singing the background haha


  14. Train_Jumper

    i LOVE the way she performs “Lie To Me”, she always gets so into whatever she performs <3 and her voice is incredible


  15. juicybear

    this bij is amazing!


  16. Gumaro



  17. Jess

    I’m so excited for her new album! She’s really good live.


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