The-Dream to Chronicle ‘Nikki’ on New Album


The-Dream can’t seem to resist Nikki. On the heels of his free album 1977, the singer-songwriter is plotting a new collection of songs dedicated to the temptress.

The 13-track album, entitled Nikki: The Chronicles, will follow his infatuation with the woman he sang about on 2007’s Lovehate and last year’s Love King (“Nikki Part 2”).

“The ideas of Nikki and her sinister mentality that she has coupled with my admiration of her. This Will be EPIC!” he told his Twitter followers. “Nikki will be at least 13 songs long. Every song will go into the next with Raw certain conversations from 2002-2004 between us both.”

But unlike 1977, this album will come with a price. “Nikki will not be free. She deserves the purchase.”

The-Dream is also set to deliver his fourth album The Love, IV: Diary of a Madman on Def Jam later this year.

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  1. LozzaMusic

    Nikki Pt II is my favourite song by him!


  2. ChocolateAsparagus

    I can’t stand when artist don’t give up on a concept ie. Trapped In the Closet by R. Kelly. The Dream can write a great song, but he can’t sing one. Part II was enough, we as consumers dont needs 3,4,& 5.


    DrakoDramatik Reply:

    @ChocolateAsparagus, lol i love how you’re the only one who’s not down with this lol eh to each their own


    ChocolateAsparagus Reply:

    @DrakoDramatik, I cant even hate on the Dream’s talent, I just don’t know where he fits in with vocal talent. Has he won any awards for his vocal talent? and BET awards don’t count. Has any of his albums gon’ platinum? So yeah he has fans but the masses aren’t buying his albums.


    Zurky Reply:

    @ChocolateAsparagus, u looking for ‘conventional’ singing, The-Dream offers more than that, he’s a great conceptual artist and songwriter


  3. 2011k

    Now I’m making love to Nikki, and she loves me back!

    Lol, I just listened to that album yesterday….


  4. chep

    the dream is a fuckin genius


  5. ponyo

    I love nikki too


  6. Ice

    He’s seriously spoiling us lately. Instant classic in the makings.


  7. Hot

    Idk what the dream has been doing musoc wise lately but in 07 nikki was in my top five fav songz


  8. swag

    i cant wait for this. nikki pt1 still is in my top 5 greatest songs ever.


  9. rob

    radio killa


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