Video: Big Sean f/ Kanye West & Roscoe Dash – ‘Marvin & Chardonnay’

Big Sean and Kanye West

Big Sean takes it back to hip-hop’s heyday with the vibrant video for “Marvin & Chardonnay,” the second single off his G.O.O.D. Music debut Finally Famous. The classic Hype Williams-directed visuals feature the stylish rappers cavorting with voluptuous women against colorful backdrops. The Detroit MC dons a variety of flashy fashions including red, blue, and yellow designer suits, dripping in gold jewelry. Yeezy taught him well.

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  1. Yeah

    ok lol


  2. Guuuuurl

    I don’t think I seen I worst clone of Kanye in my life. Ye had straight designer on and the other’s look like Walmart regulars. Ye is craaaaaaaaazy fly tho, I only watched it because of Ye. But come on the song is wack and Ye made it have potential because his on it.


    chitwnborn Reply:

    @Guuuuurl, you took the words right out my mouth!! lol

    I dont like Big Sean hes not bringing anything unique to the game, He’s just a “wanna-be Kanye” who needs popular artists to get on his songs for some kind of success.


    xSTEV3N Reply:

    @chitwnborn, AGREE!


  3. Jimmy

    I love Big Sean, adore Big Sean. His music videos just don’t do it for me though, like they are just too simple.


  4. Ed

    Ok… this video is TE.RI.BLE… whos wid me?


    Guuuuurl Reply:

    @Ed, Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. ED! Meeeeeeeeeeeee


  5. kam

    video wack low budget typical rap video with light skin girls bt i love this song roscoe dash and kanye part


    carmen Reply:

    @kam, so sick of hearing about skin color. get over it!!!

    and apparently you don’t know how much a hype williams video costs.


    meme Reply:

    @carmen, ummm hype william aint what he use to be. anyone with 20,000 could get a hype video. He’s been out of work for a long time now. if he gets to make 2 videos a year that is great


  6. GO*GO

    this a ill song love big sean music .. but on the real though this video sucks donkey cock !!


  7. yoo

    thers something incomplete about this vid…its meant to be a dope vid but something just isnt there


  8. yeah

    whoa dere


  9. Twista

    Wow, this MV is really similar to Twista f/ Pharrell’s “Give It Up”, give it up for Hype Williams!


  10. Sarah

    Only like it because of Kanye


  11. saio

    noting new hype williams
    its the same kanye “gold digger” & “digital girl” style


  12. Aquierra

    Hype Williams is running out of ideas, tbh.


  13. Anthony

    Hype williams used to be the shit

    now he is so typical


  14. rnb

    this song is crazy

    the problem with this video is : they tried to hard to do something big and never seen but we know that it’s easy to make move differents scenes to product an effect…………………………………………………



    Kanye made it HOT!! Just like he made WTT hot 4 me… CARTER 4>>>>>>>>>>>>


  16. LOL

    he makes the worst videos


  17. Fan Of A Fan

    how can people say the video is wack when its kinda like Kanye west – gold digger & ludacris – money maker


  18. Nykolaus Pinnock

    This video is a basic FLOP. I love both artists though. Kanyesus and Big Sean are great etc.


  19. LeviDenverRoll

    Hype, the fuck was that low budget carbon copy waste of time?…atleast “Gold Digger” had somewhat of an artistic flare


  20. SeanDon

    fkk u fkking haters WTF is wrong with u??…the song is great it’s definetly a hit because BIGSEAN is da ishh…and the video isn’t that bad, i love it…B I G woah dereeeeeeee


  21. ponyo

    Video is is good…I usually enjoy a video with kanye in it


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  23. Triniti

    Love the song….but the video….eh….


  24. CiFe MaN

    Dope Song…Idk about this video tho!!!


  25. Ice

    Love the song, bought the album, disappointed in the video.


  26. Will

    Hype Williams has really fell off this video is very boring. I think Big Sean could have benefitted from a Colin Tilley directed video hes the go to video director now. At this point Hype isnt really taking it outside the box with videos anymore


  27. Mark London

    I only got to the end b’cos of Kanye being in the video. Thats the only reason I wasted time on it. Video wack, Song catchy, Kanye is a legend but Hype fell off.


  28. malikMJdope

    They shoulda had a better treatment for this video but i like it it was pretty dope!


  29. Nate

    Love the song and the album, but hype williams isn’t a good director, not hating. Big Sean could’ve got a better director.


  30. Hugh

    Tis cool

    But this is pretty basic for Hype


  31. Lexx_Janay

    this video is so basic…


  32. Alicia's a homewrecka

    I don’t have to watch this video since most hip hop videos follow the same theme…light skin girls, booty popping, daddy kane jewelry and pimping my ride car. That sums up about right. These comments just confirmed my predictions.


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