Video: Wynter Gordon – ‘Buy My Love’

Wynter Gordon

Wynter Gordon goes back in time in the ’80s-themed video for “Buy My Love,” the latest single off her EP With the Music I Die. The dance diva does damage at a vintage boutique with her friends, including actress Zelda Williams, trying on some retro fashions in between dance breaks.

“It’s like High School Musical on Valentine’s Day in 1980,” explained Wynter.

When it comes to fronting the bill, she’s short on cash, but gets a surprise from “90210” actor Tristan Wilds, who buys his way into her heart. Who said money can’t buy happiness?

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  1. Sleazy

    Looove it! She needs to blow up already her Ep is Epic I didn’t skip 1 song! Still getting younger and Rumba & don’t stop me all need vids! And what’s up with atlantic records She has never performed on US tv shows WtF Maybe when the album drops


  2. Linden

    Love this!!!!!!!


  3. IamWhoIam

    The kids (gay men) have been into Miss Gordon for a while now. It’s time the rest of you queens get into her. She is Tea! Love this video and the song.


  4. Heri

    Great artists. I’m glad she’s my little secret and not mainstream. Her music is fun and great, it’s pop but not generic bullshit.


  5. Kyere

    Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee the video!! Met Wynter on her tour, she is one of THE sweetest, most humble people you could ever meet.

    She deserves all the praise of the world. Been on her grind for years! #WithTheMusicIDie


  6. Joe

    Enough is ENOUGH…at this point, Wynter needs to go to the Atlantic Records folk and tell ‘em “Look, I’ve been waiting for SOOOO long…either my album gets a release date or I want a release from my contract!”


  7. D-BEST

    its alright


  8. CiCI

    song mad wack wtf yo i anit hating on her but she wack af smdh!!!!!


  9. MusiqLover

    So good. I love Wynter Gordon!


  10. Nait Phoenix

    This is my favorite song off the album. It’s so fun to sing and it’s fun to listen to.


  11. Thestylisto

    i love wynter!! i’ve loved her since i first heard a track from her back in ’08. also met her as well last september and took pictures w/ her and actually had a conversation w/ her and i most say she “freaking rocks”!! she killed it live plus her music is out of this world and mind blowing at the same time. shout out to the new dance queen!!! by the way, the vid is to die for.. absolutely love it. #TEAMWYNTER


  12. King

    More of the same electro-pop garbage.


  13. GIRL_BYE

    mmmmmmmmmmmm I love me some Michael Lee!!!


  14. Eric

    Loved her since 07! Met her in Sydney and she’s really nice! Love the song and the video is fun.


  15. f u

    can’t see it.. only for US and A





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