Dawn Richard Readies Solo Single for Fall

Dawn Richard has been in the lab tinkering with her conceptual solo album GoldenHeart, the first in a trilogy. On the red carpet at the BMI Urban Awards, the Dirty Money diva told Rap-Up TV that she is eyeing a fall release for the first single.

In recent months, she has been recording with Mateo, Harmony, and Polow Da Don’s camp. “It’s a good R&B progressive feel,” said an excited Dawn of her latest material.

The former Danity Kane member recently presented the new music to her Bad Boy boss Diddy, explaining why she waited so long. “I want to make sure he understands when I step to him that I’m stepping because I’m ready and not just because I have an idea,” she added.

And will there be another Diddy-Dirty Money album in the near future? Find out what Dawn had to say.

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  1. Sleazy

    She looks Ugly!


  2. Sleazy

    She looks Ugly in that shot above! Looking foward to the single


    Tell Em Why U Mad Son Reply:

    @Sleazy, your so pressed u just had to comment twice. Dawn is not ugly.


  3. Kyle

    I could see myself getting into a solo album by Dawn. I always thought she had the best/most unique voice in Danity Kane. You always knew it was her when she would sing. As far as being successful as a solo artist, she could definitely do it with the right team behind her. Diddy has a history of not really pushing his artists so it’ll be interesting to see. Urban radio will eat her up I bet.


  4. vladica07

    I will check out her album,cuz I liked the mixtape.I know he’s her boss,but I cant believe she’s down whenever he calls her to be a part of Diddy Dirty Money,the first word says it all-its all and always about him.But to go and say that successful group where she actually would be able to give more -Danity Kane, wont happen…Im really surprised,but Im still supporting,including the rest of the girls.


  5. Will

    Diddy better not fuck this up. Bad Boy better promote her well


  6. binder

    pumped, can’t wait!


  7. UltraKid

    You know you can’t blame everything on the label, having a hit song in these times is really hard to get.


  8. binder

    @vladica07,Even though I’m a fan of Dirty Money and wouldnt mind another album from them I agree, I would had liked to see her join Danity Kane again. Also i don’t think its just her who don’t want to join the group again, d.woods and aundrea also showed that they don’t want to re join the group, but nobody say anything about them and only dawn get flack because she is suppose to be ” The enemy”


    vladica07 Reply:

    @binder, I agree with @elgin , I support all the girls and I dont blame her for the splitting of DK.I just dont think its fair to say things like that about a group that had that much success and launch her,brought her to the public eye.I hope she will make it and that Diddy wont hold her back,like he did with all the other artists.


  9. sabrina

    Good luck to her. I like Dawn.


  10. distingushed

    She is my most anticipated album for 2012…hands down! I f**ks with Dawn Richard! C’mon “Golden Heart”!


  11. Unknown

    So excited to hear Dawn new music this fall.


  12. jeremydante

    glad to hear that she is really going in the direction she says she was gonna go in. i cringed at the fact that she said, “dirty money is forever” – couldn’t help but think about danity kane.

    im still mourning the loss of that group.
    eager to hear her new shit since she’s about R&B progression. but im hoping that they can fix the few rough edges in her image before really taking on the idea of a concept album. cause all your shit has to be real tight to pull of something like that.


  13. bijan

    i hope she goes hard i know she’s a hard worker


  14. D-BEST

    this is my woman. She looks do sexy, She aint goin nowhere


  15. elgin

    I am a huge fan of dawn and I will support anything she does but it kinda bothers me that she would do another dirty money album in a heartbeat but she wouldn’t do another danity kane album. I’m not blaming her for the break up because I feel their were other factors that broke them up. I just don’t think that she should completely turn her back on what first put her in the bizz. I just hope and pray that diddy don’t drop the ball with her like he did with his past artists because she is very talented and she could be a breath of fresh air for female r&b


  16. Hugh

    She looks beautiful!

    Great to see she is so exited about the album


  17. Tonya

    I’m afraid for Dawn because she is still working with Diddy. I mean its clear that he doesn’t have a real need for Bad Boy.. its kind of a hobby of his that he uses as a platform to push is own music. He doesn’t put half the money, time or energy into any of his artists. I love Dawn and her music and I will support… I just hate to see her kind of puttin herself in a box by staying with Bad Boy. But I pray her much success…..


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