Estelle Freestyles on ‘106 & Park’ [Video]


Estelle is no stranger to hip-hop. Prior to launching a singing career, the British starlet was a rapper. She showed off her skills on the mic, busting a freestyle on “106 & Park.” Backed by a beatboxing Terrence J, Estelle kicked some rhymes about being confident in your own skin and speaking your mind. She faltered at first, but warmed up with some encouragement from the crowd.

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  1. Yeah

    ok lol


  2. WonderLand19

    I love Estelle. I love her weave :)


  3. :)

    Get it Estelle!


  4. DRB

    Why did everyone not cheer for that Miseducation reference. I can’t at these idiots.


    musikluvher Reply:

    @DRB, b/c that room is full of teens who weren’t even born when that album came out. LOL


    maya Reply:

    @musikluvher, miseducation came out in the 90′s so if they’re teens, they were born -___-


    Fa Reply:

    @maya, just chill. This is not a place for quality…This is about quantity! LOL


    @HeOn_Lock Reply:

    @Fa, lol im 15 and kno about miseducation..kno almost everysong by <3 however, i did find it hard to understand her at times so maybe that's what it was.


    Phoenix_Wright Reply:

    @DRB, It’s really not that serious, there are people who don’t like or haven’t listened to Lauryn Hill. That doesn’t make them idiots.


  5. jimscreechie



  6. NikkiIsChillin

    That was too cute. Estelle got swagger :)


  7. JHP

    lol glad singing is her main shtick, but I would bang Estelle on the low


  8. Quinch

    Estelle is DOPE! Period!


  9. Zo

    Yea, Estelle is definitely dope…and does not get the attention she deserves…I would love to hear her do something with Missy Elliot too.


  10. say what

    Love her and her beautiful music
    very much, keep doing it just like you like


  11. LOL

    Terrence J is corny.


  12. vladica07

    She’s lovely :)


  13. Drew



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