Tiny Claims Prison Officials Have ‘Personal Vendetta’ Against T.I.

T.I. and Tiny

Following T.I.’s return to prison last week, his wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle is speaking out in defense of her husband, saying he was targeted because of his fame.

Tiny tells TMZ that prison officials are trying to make an example out of the rapper by sending him back behind bars.

“It’s important that the world know how unfair he’s being treated on such minor charges … all because he’s T.I.,” explains Tiny. “There are way more dangerous and carefree [celebrities] that get slapped on the wrist and sent on their way.”

T.I. was removed from a halfway house and returned to federal custody after prison officials claim he was conducting business with unauthorized passengers on his tour bus.

Tiny pleaded for his return home. “Our family needs [him] … and because of someone’s personal vendetta against him, we have to watch our kids’ sad faces everyday when he still doesn’t show up at home.”

He is currently scheduled to be released in a few weeks.

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  1. dntwrry

    sh*t man, fu*k the system!


  2. Yo!

    Well… That’s what happens when you break the law and then snitch. People don’t like snitches.

    Tiffany is a snitch.


  3. Yo!

    Why did you delete my comment? Tiffany is a snitch.

    What convicted felon do you know that gets caught buying unregistered machine guns and silencers and only gets a year in jail..?


    Word To 2Pac Shakurs Halo Reply:

    @Yo!, Go sleep son, get your head right then treat that jealousy disease before it kills you just that little bit day and night.


  4. Tiny

    Yawl gawn stawp tewistin ma werds rap up! Yawl just wait til TIP come home.


    Word! Reply:

    @Tiny, hfsxhfvksvh


    dreincharacter Reply:

    @Tiny, yawl gawn stawp lawrnin englaush


  5. Tip

    Fukn jealous pricks free tip


  6. D0L3Y_LAma

    Ppl these days Take any bullshit that get thrown to them !? I say Fuck all ya hater who say TIP snitch his way out of doing Time !?
    I Know TIP is a stand up man ,and he aint your daily basses type of Nigga , and for you to put such false accusation is pathetic and beyond dumb!?

    #I am here to stand for TIP no matter what happens to him , imma always say he the best rapper alive , cause that the true unlike other thing i hear people say about me !?
    SO Everybody whose a hater go kick rock !?


  7. Lauren

    Im Sure They Do, Just Let Him Live His Life.


  8. DeeJay

    Okay news to me, I thought man been out of jail for a least a year now. Well that shows how much that factors in my life. I hope he gets out soon, I think all that blonde hair went to her head, lookin’ like a pure clown.

    P.S. She is a truly in love with this man, she a ride or die. More power to HER!!


  9. frd



  10. dekaylabaskin

    yell is 2 cute together


  11. boom

    Bc Lindsay Lohan & Paris Hilton don’t carry weapons that were involved in murders.


  12. Hugh

    They do have a vendetta against him.

    The cops let him get on the bus.
    Then they put him back in jail for it afterwards!


  13. Cena

    damn, they won’t leave this man alone, let him release good music, YMCMB is annoying the world, let T.I. save us!


  14. Mel

    everyone that’s a T.I. fan, BUY his new album when it comes out, let’s try to make him sell a mill in a week!


  15. bbmonstah

    Free T.I.



    My sister is your wife.tiny u ugly as hell &u b fake all over! Stop putting lies about to TMZ. THEY R CROOKED LIKE U.STOP HAVING PICS MADE WIT TIP.I NEVER LIKED. U TINY. IT’S GOING. DOWN


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