Jessie J Gets the Last ‘Laugh’ on ‘Red or Black?’ [Video]

Jessie J and Mini Jessie

Following her trip to L.A. for the VMAs, Jessie J returned home to continue her promo. A more mobile, but still injured Jessie performed her U.K. single “Who’s Laughing Now” on ITV1’s “Red or Black?” With her hair colored red and black in honor of the show, she popped balloons and shared the stage with her mini-me, who can be seen in the song’s video. Peep her playful performance.

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  1. Dave

    Jessie is BEAST on the stage. She sangin & rockin w/ a leg cast. Get it Jessie!


  2. MusiqLover

    She;s amazing….. I can’t get over it.


  3. Why Ask

    Jessie is the F’n business! She not afraid to do what she wants to do. Wish more artist in the U.S.A. would be more like that…


  4. WonderLand19



  5. clare

    omg jessie is amazing <3 and mini jessie is awesome too!


  6. lottie

    LUV JESSIE J!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mini Jessie J is epic, hope they both go far – I think they will!


  7. Esra

    She is amazing !


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