Nas Says Frank Ocean Stands Out Among ‘Garbage Pail Kids’

Nas and Frank Ocean

It takes true talent to command Nas’ attention. The hip-hop icon continues to single out Frank Ocean, calling him one of today’s brightest new stars.

“Frank Ocean is just a new gust of wind to move things out the way and give us something new,” the “Nasty” MC previously told Billboard of the Odd Future crooner, who’s worked with Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Beyoncé.

During a recent interview with Toronto’s Flow 93.5, he elaborated on who he was referring to, saying, “Just the garbage, the garbage pail kids out there that’s everywhere.”

The discerning Nas bestowed praise on the “Novacane” singer. “Everybody just don’t have it, so somebody that comes out like Frank Ocean and does it his way and sings his way, it’s fresh, it’s good for the game,” he explained.

The two have been in the studio together and Nas is counting on their collaborations to make his upcoming album. “I need Frank Ocean on the album. We actually started working, so I gotta finish it.”

Nas is expected to announce an official title and release date for his 10th album in the next week.

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  1. uhuh

    Garbage like: Kreayshawn, Lil B, waka flocka, Future(Tony Montana Song),


    Triniti Reply:

    @uhuh, yes!!!


    CITY Reply:



    WALLA Reply:

    @uhuh, lol tht futre niqqa iz wack


    wayne Reply:

    @uhuh, cosign future wouldnt be famous w/o drizzy


    Ice Reply:

    @wayne, I thought Future was on Racks too…..yeah, I guess he is garbage, lol.


    YUNG Reezy Reply:

    @uhuh, Leave Waka out and throw the rest in the heater along with the music careers


  2. David

    Datz a confirmation frm nasty nas.


  3. MillerTime

    True words.


  4. uhuh

    Garbage like: Kreayshawn, Lil B, Waka Flocka and Future(Tony Montana Song)


    uhuh Reply:

    @uhuh, my internet trippin i repeated myself.


  5. premier arrondissement

    нахуй буржуев из rap-up


  6. LeToya Reyna

    This is just a clear sign that Frank Ocean is raw talent. First Beyonce, then Jay & Ye: Now Nas! You know his the truth.


    nom Reply:

    @LeToya Reyna, Nas actually announced their collaboration months ago, before the beyonce picture went on the internet and way before watch the throne … not that it matters.


    Frank Reply:

    @nom, so why the hell did you feel the need to point it out. Nobody is calling nas a dickrider.


  7. yoo

    yeah nas lick his a** clean…just like that… yeahhh


  8. Anonymous

    [...] [...]

  9. mayo

    First time i heard this fool was on WTT but thats cool all these legends showing him love



    I really can’t wait


  11. dededededede

    frank ocean is the future of RandB


  12. Kasey Cooper

    frank ocean is the man. cant wait to here this.


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