R. Kelly Reveals New Album Title, Single

R. Kelly

R. Kelly is taking it back to the bedroom on his next album. The Pied Piper has renamed the sequel to 12 Play.

During an interview with WGCI Chicago’s “Tony Sculfield & The Morning Riot” radio show, Kellz announced that Black Panties would be the title of his 11th studio album. “I’m on Mission Benjamin Button right now, I’ma turn back time,” he said. “I just did the whole Love Letter joint and everybody thinking, ‘Well, that’s the direction he going now.’ No, that was a moment in time. Now this Black Panties album…”

He went on to call the album “the new 12 Play” and revealed that the first single will be titled “10 Minutes.”

The project has gone through two different name changes, including Zodiac and most recently The Return of 12 Play: Night of the Living Dead. “I think it’ll be an R&B-like thriller album, if you will,” he previously told Interview magazine.

Kellz also spoke about his recent trip to Africa and which young R&B stars he sees as his successors.

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  1. London In The House !

    Pound for Pound…King of R&B ! R.Kelly has a serious discography heavyweight !


  2. Nahjee



    Roy Reply:


    I would love for him to pee on your stank ass.


    Amour Reply:

    Not really funny lol


  3. IamWhoIam

    Oops there goes Kelly raining on Tramaine’s parade again LOL I’m sure Tramaine is somewhere fuming.


    sitrr Reply:

    @IamWhoIam, I’m sure Trey has his pen and pad ready taking notes on Kellz next move.


  4. Brit

    R Kelly is still that dude .


  5. phucku

    The KING…hands down, and that Love letter album is still in heavy rotation on the ipod


  6. Jane Doe

    These dudes are not seeing Kells. Trey can forget it.


  7. upmy

    Forever the KING! I love him very much!


  8. Thomas

    R. Kelly is a has-been and a child rapist.


    upmy Reply:

    @Thomas, You’re a nobody and a rapist, dumba**.


    king Reply:

    @Thomas, Has-beens don’t sell-out shows, earn hits and sell consistently like R. Kelly.

    R. Kelly is a timeless international R&B superstar.

    As for the “rapist” comment – grow some balls, sir. Better yet get a f–king job and stop namecalling people you don’t even know.


    Phil Reply:

    @ Thomas, i guess ds words are enuf 4 u,yea go get job man.


    NewLife Reply:

    @Thomas, See that’s the type of sh*t I’m talking about. That ‘rapist’ stuff is old. This world is going down cuz y’all can’t let go of anything. They did it to Michael, R. Kelly and now they doing it to Chris. Keep running talent away and watch where we end up. If u think mainstream is bad, just wait and see how it’ll be if u take everything these celebs do wrong personally. Especially when it’s not even about u.


  9. P

    Oh. My. God.

    What kind of idiot wanna listen to him. I mean.. How?


    king Reply:

    @P, Oh. My. God. obviously your dumba** does hence why you click on this link and commented.


  10. KimIsTheQueen



  11. say what

    Top r&b out of 25 bring it on back mr. Kelly.


    jam Reply:

    @say what, True I agree……what a record, no rnb singer will top 25 years.R is the last too bring back 90′s music.All ur hearing in today’s music is humming talking about nothing.(signing out haters).


  12. jasoldier

    BOOOOOOOOOM real R&B n to be fear all the man sayin he a child rapist american girls look older then they are #justSayin buut fck pedos doe


  13. Sheila

    Absolutely cannot wait for this album. I hope he keeps the title too.


  14. BLAZE

    Chi-town stand up the King of R&B is back baby BLACK PANTIES YEEEEEESSSSSSSS


  15. D. Kellz

    Can’t wait every album by my fav artist Kellz I’ve always loved and after seeing him on the love letter tour he has and is and will forever be the King Of R&B and I’m one of his biggest fans. Can’t wait to sing to this new album when it drops!


  16. JG

    ill download it.


  17. Tweezy

    He spoke the truth & NOTHING but the truth. Including the piece on Trey & Chris.


  18. Kay Tee

    R. Kelly is and will always be the KING of R&B. Thomas is get a job and stop hating. Check the stats…


  19. fm cool

    No doubt,he is the KING ol world stand up,and salute ur boi kellz is killin em!black panties baby gonna be off the chain naija representa!


  20. saio

    like trey said “kellz is dead”
    auto-tune kill kellz (lissen to his auto-tune mixtape & his remix for britney spears till the world ends)
    and the new king of R&B is usher


  21. David

    Kellz music will be making a new generation of babies 10 minutes first single can’t wait real music!!!!


  22. Tpiper

    @SAIO ur so dumb,av you seen his latest single up late “when a woman loves”pure classic recognized by the queen of soul ARETHA FRANKLIN as the most soulful song she heard for quite sometime,billboard named r.kelly the most successful r&b/hip-hop artist for twenty-five years,Usher not even in the top-five,so get your music facts right FOOL..


    saio Reply:

    @Tpiper, im not a hater
    but i hate kellz when he’s use auto-tune this bullsh!t kill him
    i lissen to “when a woman loves” & his song with lloyd & keri hilson and this is the good r. kelly
    i like kellz music but i hate when he use auto-tune just lissen to his remix for drake “best i ever had” or much worst britney “till the world ends”


  23. latonya

    AHHHHHH! YEEEEEESSSSS! 12 PLAY SEQUEL OOOOOH there are gonna be a lot of panies being tossed around 12 play was just good baby and the sequel is gonna be wet wet everywhere….if he does right. none of that stuff he been pulling this last 2 years


  24. latonya

    NO No no thriller album like 12 Play : Round two something sensual that connects like continuing 12 play oooh please go back to the drawing board


  25. Seun

    I can wait 4 the 10min single to drop…


  26. betty hughes

    i love that man i just love kelly yu will always have the title in my eyes,keep up the good work.


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  28. Amour

    @P, only people who knws wht the good music is….. punk


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