Video: Sean Paul f/ Alexis Jordan – ‘Got 2 Luv U’

Sean Paul and Alexis Jordan

Sean Paul heads to the city of bright lights in the video for the Stargate-produced “Got 2 Luv U,” the first single off his upcoming fifth album. The Ben Mor-directed clip, co-starring Star Roc songstress Alexis Jordan, was shot at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. The dancehall star sexes up a fine female in the club, bedroom, and parking structure, while Alexis indulges in the glitz and glamour of Sin City. Viva Las Vegas.

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  1. The Truth

    These new rappers got nothin on 50 Cent. Look at his numbers. He sold albums like crazy despite all the jealous haters. Now hes feeding a billion kids in Africa. #respect

    But i dont respect these loser clowns like lil wayne, nicki minaj, lady gaga, katy perry, justin bieber, jay sean, kim kardashian, The game, soulja boy, Kreyshawn…these fools ruined mainstream music.

    Bring back REAL hip-hop (like how Tupac and Eminem were)


    dexlovesrih Reply:

    @The Truth, huh!? adios!have 3 seats plz!


    heart Reply:

    @The Truth, sorry but 50 is not real Hip-Hop he should not even be in the same sentence and TUPAC


    The Truth Reply:

    @heart, Don’t hate, 50 Cent is almost as good as or maybe even tied with Tupac. You obv haven’t heard Get Rich or Die Tryin’ / Massacre..


    NAHJEE Reply:

    @The Truth, WTF you sick?


    StaNn Reply:

    @The Truth, imma let u finish but what the fuck does sean paul have to do with 50??


    yvans Reply:

    @The Truth, pleeaaassee dont hate on mainstream..if people like it, deal with it..i dnt think Game is mainstream or what..he do what he has always done from the documentary to now..stop with that bullshit of commercial mainstream..u like u buy the albums if u dnt like thats fine too..we cant be loved by the entire world. 2pac sold millions of album but it wasnt abt mainstream or what


    God Reply:

    @The Truth, Sean Paul has been around much longer than 50 Cent. And 50 cent sucks. Lil Wayne and Eminem used to be good, but you’re still a moron and are probably 14


  2. Ice

    Ok, Imma let you finish, but you’re on the wrong post.


  3. coy

    Geez!! so much product placement and the video is still so just blahhhhhhhhhhhh..


  4. mrs nice watch

    I would tear her ass up mmmmm


  5. Jamrock

    @The Truth WTF you on abt…..


  6. MMM HMM



  7. dntwrry

    11 comments and i think only 2 of them are about the actual video ROFL. i guess no-one rely give a shit


  8. sabrina

    This video and song are horrible.


    sean Reply:

    @sabrina, you suck!


  9. Timi

    great song but stupid video….


    ayeee Reply:

    @Timi, i totally agree


  10. Timi

    the song remind me Lost Control by Keri Hilson with Nelly. I thought it would be something special or simple beauty, not like this – clubs, drunks, nasty girls… just can’t associate the song and this video.


  11. Orlando

    can we fukin talk bout Sean Paul New Video instand talkin bout other artists music FUK MAN


  12. teemeadows34

    sean paul dis is wack seriously… like ok dis pop style wuda cuda been crazy for u but u lost ur signature #thedancers


  13. malikMJDope

    im diggin Sean Paul w the hawk thats tight


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