Video: Frank Ocean – ‘Swim Good’

Frank Ocean

Tranquility turns traumatic in Frank Ocean’s suspenseful video for “Swim Good,” a cut off his debut Nostalgia, Ultra. The Odd Future crooner, who has amassed an impressive résumé working with Beyoncé, Jay-Z, and Kanye West, stars as a sneaker-wearing samurai, mysteriously driving his Lincoln limousine along the coastline and deep into the forest. The calm is disturbed when he whips out his sword and draws blood from his unsuspecting female victim. He sets fire to the vehicle and watches it burn on the cliff during the explosive conclusion. Dive in.

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  1. D-best

    I really dig his mantra. His videos and his style are really creative


  2. yeah



    INCAS Reply:

    @yeah, i know right ! I completely agree – Frank Ocean is dope


  3. Christian

    Just amazing. Thank you for being born Frank. Lol… but seriously.


  4. bknyhustle

    I wont crown that ni99a just as yet. but his WTT work and that Novacaine joint is vey respectable…


  5. TheTruthWillShutYouUp

    He did watch this throne and wrote beyonce song “i miss you” and still is not really known yet


  6. AfricanSoul

    another video based on occultism. Odd Future are just lost souls*yawn*


    lee Reply:

    @AfricanSoul, stupids like you destroy america


    ME Reply:

    @AfricanSoul, Everyone in the game uses heavy occult symbolism…It is what it is.


    nom Reply:

    @AfricanSoul, where’s the occultism? you’re reaching. and even if there was occultic symbolism in the video, that doesn’t mean it’s based on it.


    WatchTheThrone Reply:

    @AfricanSoul, seriously, can you conspiracy theorists stay off of this site?


  7. JAY

    Love his songs, but his videos disturb me and kind of kill the song.

    I’ll say it if no one else will.


    WonderLand19 Reply:

    @JAY, CO-SIGN! He kind of killed the song for me too. Why does talking about killing/rapping preganant woman make you edgy/creative?
    Sometimes, i would forget that Frank was apart of Odd Furture but this video just woke me up.

    I wont be watching that again.


    Christian Reply:

    @WonderLand19 x @JAY, Uhhh… maybe if you listened to the lyrics the video would make much more sense. He was talking about killing her the entire time. Smh listen, then evaluate.


    Mag Reply:

    @JAY, I feel the exact same way !


  8. Moe

    @JAY I totally agree.. I love this song but the video is a bit disturbing


  9. vhfgh

    this video does not do the song justice. the imagery just didnt seem to match or go along w/the song for me. i feel the lyrics are so vivid he couldve done a much more creative and telling video.


  10. Will

    This video is so disappointing to a song that deserved a way better visual.


  11. Whitney

    Hated It!


  12. C94B

    His videos are special indeed. In this case, that song talks about suicide, there’s no way of doing a video that’ll look “normal”, when illustrating this subject, in my opinion. It looks cool, we have a glimpse of his influences, and this is abstract, of course. How else could that’ve been done ?

    I’ve never been as excited about an artist as I am about Ocean, and I’m an Hip-hop guy. His voice and writing are so damn beautiful, he reaches people’s imagination & soul like few have done in the past. He has, IMO, no rivals in this land.

    Tyler is a talent too, and he must be good friends with the OFWGKTA clique, but Frank Ocean looks like the Next Big Thing, and I feel it like that situation about Drake & YMCMB: He’ll go on his own, sooner or later. He’ll be bigger than the whole group (which is not why I see Drake out of YMCMB soon).


  13. E.MY.EonFacebook

    luv Frank ocean but i dont get the video


  14. nom

    Everyone was probably expecting some generic video with him singing to some girl and looking out over the beach in Jamaica looking sad the whole video lol.

    Good job Frank


    Eh Reply:

    @nom, Exactly. So glad he stuck to himself and his artistry.


  15. LuvIt

    He tries too hard to be different. I like his music though. His music videos are just… I don’t know what to say. He is trying to be this intelligent, musical genius, but he is falling short. I hope he doesn’t ruin my love for his music.


  16. Hugh

    Amazing song and vid!



    So fucking awesome


  18. LOL

    2 videos in 2 days? thanks frank!!!


  19. Thats real



  20. BLAZE

    I love it very different an his music is very touching he really makes you think


  21. Miss Fro

    I like Frank so much. hes really talanted and gifted. By d way, he has lots of fans here in Russia.
    I didnt expect the video to b like this. The picture was kinda different in my imagination, but anyway i liked the video.


  22. BJ

    frank ocean>>>>>>>any current male R&B artist (possible exception of the weeknd and miguel)


  23. ?

    I dont see the hype with this dude. His voice has no soul. Music is pretty bland. No vocal abilities. He’s boring to say the least.


  24. So Odd

    Maaaaan, this joint is very abstract. Had to listen twice to see what the heayah he was talking about. Songs kinda depressing. Very sad person wrote this. He’s been dealing with a lot of shyt. It’s obvious he’s been in a dark place when you can write about it and make it sound like art and present it in a form people can try and identify with. Thank goodness I’ve never been hurt like this dude. Hope shyt picks up for him.



  25. malikMJDope

    kinda wish he actua;;y did what he says in the lyrics like hmmm idunno swim ..good maybe, lol but i guess that would’ve been to cliche it was ok i enjoyed


  26. Biscuits

    Im far from racist but why he always got white girls in his videos doing some f*cked up sh*t?? What is he really sayin? The marketing is weird.. #I’mJustSayin


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