50 Cent Attends Festival Screening of ‘All Things Fall Apart’

50 Cent

50 Cent shared his latest passion project All Things Fall Apart with a select audience during the 15th Annual Urban World Film Festival in New York City on Friday (Sept. 16). The inspirational drama, co-starring Ray Liotta, was renamed after a dispute with Chinua Achebe, author of Nigeria’s most famous English-language novel Things Fall Apart. Despite offering a reported $1 million to retain the name, Fifty’s bid was rejected.

The rapper-turned-actor lost 54 pounds to play cancer-stricken football player Deon Barnes in the Mario Van Peebles-directed film, which opens in theaters in early 2012.

“My motivation for the project was my best friend, Charles Pringle,” 50 previously told Rap-Up.com. “He lived across the street from me; he actually died of cancer.”

50 Cent 50 Cent and Mario Van Peebles

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  1. Nahjee

    50 doing BIG things man need to make a get rich or die trying pt2 album that would be dope!!! Now this goes for you to 50 don’t sell your soul to tha devil (kreayshawn) please! That girl has no respect for tha rap industry!!! You will be label a “uncle Tom” nuff said


  2. hakim

    what a boss. this man keepin it hood on the red carpet. hold it down for u homie


  3. Songstress

    I hope this movie provides him with great success. This role had to be important b/c 50 was a completely different person when those pictures surfaced ! Can’t wait to see it !


  4. Yes!

    50 You Still Rocking A Do Rag, Bruh?


  5. wdf 0_o ?!?!

    lol@the durag tho. thats y the pic feel 10 years old


  6. The Truth



  7. LOL

    if these movies that he’s been talking about forever flops or plays in limited release then he will need to sit that ass down


  8. P

    This movie not gonna be succesful. He is never be a good actor or ‘actor’. His music career is over.

    I don’t hate him but #facts


  9. coy

    Watching the movie right now online… when I tell this sh!t is low budget!!! OMG lol….. he could have kept this straight to DVD crap!


  10. SDW

    I read that book before, it was really good. When I first heard the movie title, thats what I thought of.

    His inspiration behind the role is remarkable. I hope it acheives much success. 54 pounds, wow! Talk about dedication! He should really be proud of himself.


  11. kaycee

    Things fall apart novel by Chinua Achebe is a story of Africa heritage. it dispute greatly the idea that Africans were living on tree before the coming of the colonial masters. 50 cents All things fall bout is about a cancer victim. So the two stories are not the same. His offering of $1 million shows how much he values his new film. I wish him the best of luck.


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