Cassie Goes Street Chic on ’106 & Park’


Cassie resumed her hosting gig on “106 & Park,” filling in for Rocsi on Freestyle Friday. The “Me & U” singer, who will release her new album early next year, kept it casual yet chic in red sweats, a cropped white tee over a black bra, and Jesus piece, with her shaved head in cornrows. Terrence J tried to impress her with his best pick-up lines (and fell short), and she answered Twitter questions, sharing her favorite part of her career, advice for young models, and favorite thing to cook. Kick back with Cassie.

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  1. Stre3t Danc@

    so sweet (:


  2. Denise

    So cute!! She is the most lovely celeb. I hope she will come to my country soon for a lil club tour or radio promo so I can stalk her lol
    A really cute look for her, she rocks that hair since 2009 and she and her hairstylist always re-invent it. One day she rocks a blong side bob with a long ponytail, the next day she keeps it urban fresh with the cornrows.


  3. Nahjee

    She is such a boring host lol I’m sorry she started talking without holding the mic to her mouth I’m like OMG!!! Then they play her “one hit wonder” video LMAO!!! she is a pretty & nice girl… But just not a good host for a show like 106:)


  4. mrs nice watch



  5. moneytalk

    Lamo this crazy doo doo outfit bitch had one hit her whole career lammmmmmmmme


  6. Courtney M.

    She is so fine!


  7. Carrie

    Cassie I love u sooooo much but when you host that show you broke my heart you look like you were bored at times and you really didnt give it your all Almost looked like you didnt want to be there or something…maybe it’s because of your career & that you have no good music to show on there. Like come on they played your old sh*t smh. I pray you can find your career 


    Sara Reply:

    @Carrie, I Agree you just took tha words right out my mouth… I pray she finds her career to!


  8. WonderLand19

    She looks gangster today, i LOVE IT!!



  9. INCAS

    She’s hot and that’s all that matters


  10. stephenc

    girl looks like a scalped Indian.


  11. LeToya Reyna

    Cassie, I Love You But You Seriously Need To Drop The Hood Chick Look! Come on you could be one the baddest chick’s in the game if you dropped that cheap loook! Step up and step on these wannabe’s necks!!!


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  13. pArallel-intersect

    she fine like aRT__hold it she is fine arT_


  14. SLICK

    Cassie is summertime fine…


  15. P

    She is ridiculously hot.


  16. leydyred

    loving the cornrowed-hair! niiice


  17. maya

    LOVE her look so much <3 she has good sense of style


  18. Hugh

    Damn youse a sexy chick


  19. C94B

    Looks gangster ? LMAO, whoever said that, come on. Certain ideas and values are getting lost.

    She’s dressed like a NY hipster. Cassie, you shouldn’t pay tribute to those guys, they think your music is “too exposed to mainstream light”. Those of them who were listening to your music were listening to it when you didn’t have anything out yet.


  20. tell'em

    I couldn’t care less about this woman until she has 1 decent live performance. She’s just a cute face and new artists like Rita Ora and Natalia Kills have the cute face/fashion AND the TALENT to back it up.

    Fkn Diddy ain’t a career..


  21. From Tokyo

    She looked cute!


  22. fatfat

    she didnt even know wat she was doinq;(


  23. sabrina

    @fatfat I agree. She is a waste of time.


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