New Music: V V Brown f/ Chiddy – ‘Children (Keep on Singing)’

Children (Keep on Singing)

British singer-songwriter V V Brown flips a children’s classic (“Do Your Ears Hang Low?”) into an irresistible pop gem that you can knock in your whip or jump rope to. The upbeat tune, the first single from the 27-year-old’s sophomore album, boasts an infectious hook, marching beat, and nursery rhyme-like lyrics. Add a playful verse from Chiddy of hip-hop duo Chiddy Bang and you’ve got the recipe for a hit.

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  1. Jordan Gabriel

    HOT! Adele, Jessie J, Amy (RIP), Duffy, VV etc. The Brits are doing it for me!


  2. Bryan Dotman

    When I first seen the pic (before reading it of course)… I legit thought it was a new Nicki single. -_-


    > Reply:

    @Bryan Dotman,me too lol.


    @HeOn_Lock Reply:

    @Bryan Dotman, LOL ya’ll ain’t the only ones.


  3. carlos

    awesome song. great production and the voice of vv is spectacular


  4. Nik

    Absolutely loving this. Super progressive sound and the vocals are absolutely brilliant. Chiddy makes for a great collaboration partner.


  5. DRB

    Jessie J swagger jacker


    @DrewShane Reply:

    @DRB, She’s been out before Jessie J. She’s Black, which is probably why she didn’t do to well. She was pre-the British movement right off the heals of Amy Winehouse (which is another reason).

    I hope she’s received this time around. Love her!


    Billy Reply:

    Yeah, you need to look up VV Brown, ’cause her debut record came out like 2 before anyone in the US had ever heard of Jessie J.


  6. Quan

    chiddy is like the icing to the cake..
    ooooh v v is the shit..!!



    ice cream music lol, much success 2 u girl


  8. KYLE

    Loving this song…


  9. Cory Wynne

    She’s like the British Jazmine Sullivan and top the person who said Jessie j knock off or wannabe whatever know all yall know he or she said that to start something and you all gave in…..


    listen Reply:

    @Cory Wynne, great comparison, but she is no where near the caliber of artist as jazmine sullivan.


  10. Kyle

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE V.V. Brown!!! Her album “Travelling Like The Light” was simply amazing. Her voice is so unique and refreshing. This song is pretty catchy; definitely different from anything on her debut album.


  11. @Ranity

    @@DrewShane, This is why I fux with DrewShane. He be knowing.


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