« Christina Milian and Daughter Get Playful at Pampers Party

Christina Milian and Violet

Christina Milian and Violet

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  1. Dimple

    Kings Busta your career is to ileccpabme to be on stage Cheerleading some Rappers who don’t half your skills. To many decades in the game to be a stan. Seems Jay has touched the Young Money sensitive bone. They seem hurt that their record sales don’t equate to Supremacy in Hip Hop. So here they go trying to brag there way into the peoples heart. Jay has never been the leader in record sales. Just consistent. Seem kinda of late to be diss’n men who you have either worked with on wax or have been complimentary to in article/interviews. I mean why put Jay on Carter 3 when he smacked you and Baby on the T.I. Joint. Didn’t he explain Silly rap fueds on Drakes albums. Who happens to be an Young Money.


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