Trailer: B.o.B f/ Lil Wayne – ‘Strange Clouds’


The forecast looks cloudy for B.o.B. The Grand Hustle rapper teases his new single “Strange Clouds” featuring Lil Wayne with a brief video clip. The song debuts October 3.

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  1. Def Jam_Recordings



  2. damn

    i’ve listened to the live clip and dang this shit goes hard! can’t wait for the new album. hope there won’t be any plies’s gucci manes or wacka wockas on it..


    isabella! Reply:

    @damn, co sign 100%


    EmAyDee Reply:

    @damn, Agreed


  3. ...



  4. Hugh

    Sounds great!


  5. Fan Of A Fan

    this actually sounds good :D
    better than that aeroplanes song shit


  6. huh

    man wtf ?! Airplanes was dope!!!


  7. Brittany James

    love ur songz HOW TO LOVE thts my shyt tho tht shyt go hard lol dead ass seroius no lie keep doing a good job love ya 4eva


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