JoJo, Solange, and Rye Rye Shine at Young Hollywood Party


JoJo lit up the red carpet in a fuchsia and red cocktail dress at the 9th Annual Teen Vogue Young Hollywood party at Paramount Studios in Hollywood last night. Her fellow 20-year-old Rye Rye brought some “Sunshine” while entertaining the chic crowd with music off her upcoming debut Go! Pop! Bang!, including her single “Never Will Be Mine.”

Solange, beaming in a yellow skirt, worked the ones and twos throughout the evening. Earlier in the day, she had a scare when she lost her bag containing her laptop and son’s passport. But she found it in time for the gig. “God is good! My bag was found at the police station! My driver left it in the parking lot!” she tweeted. “There are good people in the world!!!”

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  1. Oreka

    Don’t like JoJo’s choice of hair colour. I LOVE Solo’s steeze. And RyeRye is dope!


  2. Nahjee

    Damn boy!!!!!!!! Jojo look amazing she got some sexy legs boy… Who cares bout her hair gosh but jojo stay in shap cus you is looking like something to eat girl damn wow beyonce & Rihanna jojo coming with that sexyness


    Alaa Reply:

    @Nahjee, that’s solange NOT beyonce’


  3. James

    Boooooo kreayshawn looks way better jojo, Nicki minaj, beyonce, Rihanna, ain’t seeing kreay kreay when it comes to looks and music!!!!! It’s white girl mob b*tch


    bknyhustle Reply:

    @James, keep goin…


  4. Romeo

    Solange, Loooooooks Gooooooooooooood!!!


  5. Lisa

    Solange looks smoking! And JoJo’s hair is on point.


  6. OsO

    JoJo looks amazing! OMG

    and her hair is on point, it really fits her.


  7. Lia

    Kreayshawn? Her skinny Oliv Oyl legs? Ahaha! You must be high on drugs? kreayshawn, the wannabe Pimp? Drug dealer? Graphic Designer? Music video Director? Rapper? 4 feet tall Model? The one who believes that she is pushed down because she is white. The one with that HUGE FANTASY life? Ahahahahaah! What about Kreayshawn from Alameda has no talent and lies about everything!


    Nahjee Reply:

    @Lia, wow!!!!! Where have you been!!!!!! I agree with you on that


    Destiny Reply:

    @Lia, I couldn’t have said that better!


  8. bknyhustle

    gotdamn!! the things i’ll do that broad, Jojo>>>>>>>



    Ice Reply:

    @bknyhustle, I swear!


  9. -

    Haters keep hating On JoJo. She looks very beautiful and so does her hair.


  10. Will

    Jojo >


    She Be killin Em Reply:

    @Will, She is seriously killing the competition


  11. maya

    Jojo is beautiful & Solange has amazing style.

    Idk who’s Rye Rye….


  12. Laurie

    Jojo grew up nicely but she need a better stylist what she has on is not bad but she could look even more beautiful with better clothes


  13. rockstarshawty



  14. From Tokyo

    Solange looks cute!


  15. What's my name

    JoJo, fire your stylist and hire the one who styled you for your “Disaster” video.


  16. malik



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