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Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson

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  1. Maria

    previously, its all subjective. abielt i really dont think you could compare wayne to jean, that just seems ridiculous all in itself. this is all opinionated though and we could tango forever. however i can understand where youre coming from and the concept behind it. and i agree, it is silly of me to think that of wayne – but opinions usually have a silly side to them. i consider wayne to be an industrialized source of music. the more and more he pushes his product off the assembly line the greater chance it has at becoming deteriorated of quality – usually would have something to do with his production label (cash money records).wayne says he does what he wants, but we all know this isnt true. if he did what he wants, if he truly wanted to make the music he’d want to, he’s been in the position now to unhook himself from cash money and free himself of that entire persona universal records has grown ($$$) comfortable with.i’m pretty sure james didnt have to worry about support groups and a production label asking him to tune his art to a certain audience when he was throwing on that show.


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