Lady Gaga Wows at iHeartRadio Festival

Lady Gaga

“Ladies, gentlemen, monsters! Lady Gaga!” said Justin Timberlake while introducing the pop provocateur at Saturday’s iHeartRadio Music Festival. Gaga closed the two-day music extravaganza in Las Vegas with an elaborate set of her dance hits including “Poker Face,” “Bad Romance,” and “Judas.” She dueted with the legendary Sting on “Stand by Me” and dedicated “Hair” to her 14-year-old Little Monster Jamey, who was a victim of bullying. “Let’s do this one for Jamey,” said Gaga before capping the evening with “Born This Way.”


“Bad Romance”

“Yoü and I”

“Stand by Me” feat. Sting



“Born This Way”

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  1. Kwayzee



  2. seb

    her show was amazing


  3. luvizmydrugMX

    yes it was amazing and im not even that big of a gaga fan some of them songs annoyed me until last night ha but she went above and beyond and was it me or did anyone else cry when she was singing hair in honor of that little boy


  4. rihannanavy

    great performance..i love the stage costume and bike thingy behind really creative.,..congrats mother monster!!


  5. 3ammadness

    Best act of the night! Slayyyyyy’d the whole line up!
    J.Lo & David Guetta follow-up.


  6. LeToya Reyna

    Switch It Up Gaga. But I Still Love You!


  7. LeToya Reyna

    I Honestly, Think She’s Still Becoming a Performer. She looked and sounded exhausted.
    P.S. Fuck Gaga, where is Joe? I Want Joe!


    mike Reply:

    @LeToya Reyna,

    I’m a HUGE fan and I agree with you. I’m not sure if it’s because she’s been off tour for so long, but when I’ve seen her she never seemed tired.

    Here she seemed completely burnt out during the Born This Way performance, and strained her voice multiple times. It may just be because she hasn’t done a set this long in a while, but who knows.

    I still loved it <3


  8. zacc



  9. Oh

    Wow! I’m no fan of Gaga but geesh I’d go see her live! She did a great job.


  10. sglade

    gaga and honey b run this town tonight. and tomorrow.


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