Keyshia Cole Marries Daniel Gibson for Second Time in Island Ceremony

Keyshia Cole and family

Keyshia Cole’s dreams turned to reality when she married her husband, NBA star Daniel “Boobie” Gibson, in paradise. The newlyweds celebrated their union for a second time in an island ceremony in Hawaii on Sunday.

“My husband wanted me to have my DREAM WEDDING so he flew all of our family members here! He’s giving something I will NEVER forget! Amazing!” tweeted the 29-year-old singer, who previously tied the knot in Las Vegas in May. “This is soo absolutely beautiful! I’m so glad we’re taping this so you all can see! I got EVERYTHING I WANTED today! My husband is amazing!”

The bride was surrounded by her loved ones including her biological mother and sister, Frankie and Neffe, as she exchanged vows near a waterfall wearing a white ruffled designer gown.

The special day was documented by cameras for her new reality series “Family First,” premiering in February. The couple got engaged in January 2010 after meeting the year before. They have an 18-month-old son named Daniel Hiram Gibson Jr.

Wedding Dress Waterfall

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  1. Ratr

    Keyshia is looking lovely! i can’t wait for new music..hopefully it’ll be of the same vibe as “Heaven Sent” and “Long Way Down” cause that suits her.


  2. NovaLidole

    Look at her trying to rush and copy Ameriies wedding!!!!! And her tv show will flop if Neffe and Frankie aren’t in it. She’s boring otherwise. ..


    pookie Reply:


    LMAO Amerie? WTF?

    Shes married?

    Dead if u think Amerie popped in this girls mind ONE time throughout her wedding day.


    KELENDRIA Reply:

    @pookie, who tf is Amerie?…who is checking for Amerie? who even knew Amerie was married…lmao…girl go have a sit with the rest of the haters..!!!


    KELENDRIA Reply:

    @NovaLidole, girl BYE


  3. Replay

    She is floppppppppp


    Hit Maker Reply:

    @Replay, so is your momma for bringing such a HATER into this world…get a life and stop hating on this girl, she’s succesful and are you??


  4. Bri

    goooo KC do your thing…let these haters talk,while you make the money!!!


  5. Rejeeha

    I Love Keyshia Cole A lot and her Music But Amerie Is One Of My Fav Singers All Ya Haters Don’t Come At Her Like Dat Cuz Anit NoOne Checking For Ya Either And Don’t Say Me Cuz I got two jobs and I have a modeling contract and finna be traveling and doing movies and my own album soon so don’t hate on Keyshia Cole,Beyonce And Ameriie Or it will be promblems


    Songstress Reply:

    @Rejeeha, YOU GO HONEY =)


    Mary Fan Reply:



  6. sangria

    May her marriage be just as lovely as her wedding!


  7. Quan

    en wenn its tym to divorce they should do it three tymz too..


    Music Reply:

    @Quan, Why was it good for you


  8. Rejeeha

    @MaryFan SDFU Don’t Do Ameriie cuz u anit shit Bitch its still bad bitch


  9. myisha

    i lovue the way u have soo gud things


  10. Carletta Demby

    To Keyshia and Daniel may you have a forever marriage and be prosperous at it. I have no doubt that this marriage will last, Take notes, this is a REAL couple, who obviously dont give 2 shits about what people or haters think… live long and happy keyshia, you will always be admired by me and I am 50 years old. I have walked in your shoes, keep your head up baby girl, you and your family and continue to be blessed…..


  11. The Sound of Music

    Congrats in some of the photos posted both hubby and wifey look happy. They make a cute couple. Keep god first and if it’s meant to last it will last. May God Bless Ur Family.


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