R&B Songbird Cherlise Takes Flight


The baddest R&B chicks are known to roll with an entourage or at least a bodyguard or two, but Cherlise does it a little differently. The 23-year-old singer gets her support from her nine brothers and sisters—”All from the same parents!”—she playfully adds. Hailing from just outside Miami, Cherlise knows about the party life but credits her family for keeping her grounded, even after being signed to Rico Love’s Division1/Universal Republic imprint and having Fat Joe (“He’s the biggest teddy bear”) as her mentor.

“What’s great about having all the siblings is that I have a whole basketball team looking out for me,” Cherlise tells Rap-Up.com. “The support I get has taught me how to love unconditionally.”

All the love seems to be pouring into the studio though, as the tenacious songstress admits that the hustle is romance in itself, making it hard for her to pursue relationships. “I’m not really in a place to get involved right now,” she admits. “I’m realistic with myself and I don’t have the energy and time. I love really hard and fall really hard. Guys have a hard time committing when they haven’t realized their dream when they’re not where they want to be. I’m like a guy in that way. When I get there, only then can I invest.”

While she waits on that payout, Cherlise is drawing in devotion from an audience that has gotten a taste of her style. “The general tone and mood of my debut album is going to be straight with no chaser,” says the confident chanteuse.

There are soulful ballads on the album that will familiarize the masses with her tone and range, as well as more upbeat joints clearly influenced by her favorites—Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Michael Jackson.

Her debut single, “Love U Right” featuring Lil Wayne, is a huge and humbling deal for the newcomer. While stunned at what an incredible opportunity it was to work with the rap icon so early in her career, recording the track made her feel secure in her company. “It just reminds me that the people I’m surrounded by have faith in me.”

–Rajul Punjabi

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  1. Nahjee

    Well she won’t get most read stories of the week lol never seen this girl before in my life She will probley get like 4 more comments and that’s it…. NEXT


    Lisa Reply:

    @Nahjee, she has got to start somewhere.


  2. Dez

    She graduated from Florida A&M University…..so Ill Support!


  3. Replay

    She has talent, stop hating u dicks


  4. bknyhustle

    lmao @”lil tunechi aka watch yo female artist”


  5. Nick

    I wish we were still in the days where new R&B artists actually had a shot at getting a Top 10 on the Hot 100. Now all radios want to play is gay people music like electro-pop and GaGa and Britney. Tired of it.


    Songstress Reply:

    @Nick, “Gay people music” don’t know what that is….let’s try dance or pop music. Don’t be rude ! = )


  6. Ryan

    dope. i love the single.


  7. SayWord

    She’s so freshfaced and family oriented! This single’s okay, but she can sing for real.


  8. Treyy

    Cherlise is about to big things in 2012. I CANT WAIT!!!


  9. Phoenix_Wright

    this lyric video is dry compared to a lot of others I have seen

    I like the song though, been playing it for a few weeks now


  10. Melsothoro

    I been following her 4 a minute, the single is DOPE! I fuk’s wit her..


  11. 3ammadness

    Nice track. Nice look. Wish her all the best & much success. FAMU all day:)


  12. jojo

    she’s the next Keri Hilson!


    Rush Reply:

    @jojo, that’s big! congrats Cherlise! #TTLO


  13. chris

    Sounds like this was written for Beyonce and she turned it down so….they gave to her! lol


  14. mykeb757

    This lyrical content and her flow sound dated


  15. Um.Well.Sure.

    Something about the song reminds me of K.Michelle and when she starts singing in the softer tone I hear Dondria. Honestly, it’s never good to be compared to someone so soon in your career so hopefully the next single will give her a signature sound.


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