T.I. to Celebrate Homecoming with Lavish Party


T.I. will celebrate his homecoming with a party fit for a king. An extravagant affair is being planned for the hip-hop superstar upon his release from a halfway house later this week.

Instead of the typical club bash, Tip’s family and friends will toast his return with a brunch in Atlanta. According to TMZ, the swanky event is costing a reported $100,000, with $20,000 being spent on food and an additional $8,000 on dessert.

Diddy is said to be providing 150 bottles of Ciroc, one for each person in attendance. VIP guests will also be measured for custom-made clothing from Tip’s apparel line AKOO.

The festivities are set to take place on October 2, two days after T.I. is released from a halfway house. Upon his return, he will resume taping his reality TV series “T.I.’s Family Hustle” and gear up for the release of his first novel Power & Beauty on October 18.

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  1. Hugh

    Stay outta trouble TIP!

    The TV show will be cool


    Nahjee Reply:

    @Hugh, now you know damn well TIP can’t stay out of trouble boy are you out of your mind


    Tip Reply:

    @Nahjee, I love you people that say he can’t cause if every said he could he’d have no one to prove wrong so keep it up


    Jay Reply:

    @Tip, I know rite?


  2. Smolz

    Yeah,,KIng is back


    3ammadness Reply:



  3. Bee

    I was hoping for a concert with guests appearances like Eminem, Xtina aguilera, Kanye…that’ll be the shit!!!to welcome him back


  4. Ratr

    Yaeahhh!!! That’s how it’s done! teehee

    I’ve been blasting his song with Mary J Blige’s “Remember Me”..it’s so epic. It’s too they decided not to push that one the radio, it would have made a kill!


    Tip Reply:

    @Ratr, yea but it was successful on the charts, it was top 30 with no promotion, in United States, Canada & UK


  5. kiki

    Loser be in jail in like one month lmao watch and see


  6. Tip

    T.I. we love you man, please stay out of trouble, you are one of the greatest rappers to ever live!


  7. SEKinG

    Hopefully he doesn’t have too much fun. We don’t want him to break probation again.


  8. Da Doll Monroe

    The best rapper today , is out && ready to take back whats is rightfull his !? Ya Heard Meh

    # Love YOu TIP


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