J. Cole Delivers Impromptu Performance in Union Square [Video]

J. Cole

Before J. Cole’s debut album Cole World arrived in stores today, an injured Cole returned to his old stomping grounds of Union Square in New York City to perform his new single “Can’t Get Enough” for VEVO’s Go Show. Sitting on a stair rail with just a mic, the Roc Nation MC entertained the crowd as they gathered around him and breakdancers showed off their moves.

“I’m most excited for people to hear it, that’s it. Of course, I want to see how it sells and I want to see how it does the next week, and two months after I want to see Grammys, if they recognize,” said Cole in an interview with VEVO. “I’ve been making this album for a long time and I got concepts and topics that other rappers really haven’t touched on.”

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  1. houstonishere



  2. KAT

    I love this guy, he gives so much inspiration for what’s up and coming in the game!


  3. Lisa

    Can someone explain to me how this show was illegal? I’m sorry if that is a stupid question. Anyways, I like J. Cole. I’m still learning about rap/hip hop, so I am really going off on what I feel sounds nice. He seems to be the laidback type of guy… Kinda reminds me of Jay-Z. He works hard, but he definitely doesn’t have to try. Enjoyed watching this. Might pick up his album.


  4. diego

    tired of hearing about this overrated bastard enough already


    Real Issh Reply:

    @diego, Overrated ? He’s underrated actually . I can’t until he blows up . You’ll be depressed . Haha .


    Triniti Reply:

    @diego, Is that you, Drake?


  5. Coleworld

    Cole World!


  6. Oh Please

    When was this -__- im abouta be mad..let me find out this shit was yesterday..i coulda hopped ma ass on the 4 train.


  7. Urban Alley

    this guy is so dope and his album is even doper !!!! As a gift from J.Cole we’re streaming his new album COLE WORLD on http://urbanalleyblog.com …. Make sure you get the album from iTunes and a hard copy as well!!!!


  8. Hip hop for life

    If Tupac is back then his new alias is J. Cole!!
    This album is a hip hop classic. If you grew up listening to real hip hop you will put this album in the same category of those old classics.


    Templeton Reply:

    @Hip hop for life,


  9. Castooria

    He’s incredible. The album [that I bought] is DOPE. I’m just proud of him. From his YOUNG SIMBA days 2 now. He’s #1 on Amazon & iTunes days b-4 his official release. He’s just an inspiring artist & this lets me know that hip-hop is not dead but progressing. Go & get it!

    Next month we gonna celebrate again with that TC album.


  10. iYoungB

    Dope!!!…thats it!…Dope!!! #1


  11. Hugh

    Love the VEVO shows

    That kid dancing is so cute!


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