B.o.B Announces Sophomore Album Title

The forecast is looking cloudy for B.o.B. The Atlanta musician has selected a title for his sophomore album.

Fresh off performing in front of President Obama at a fundraiser in Los Angeles, Bobby Ray caught a flight back to ATL. He appeared on V103′s “The Ryan Cameron Show” on Tuesday, where he revealed Strange Clouds as the title. “‘Strange Clouds’ is the first single off of my sophomore album, actually titled Strange Clouds,” he announced.

The project, which serves as the follow-up to his Grammy-nominated debut B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray, is preceded by the single of the same name featuring Lil Wayne. The song went to iTunes on Tuesday and has already cracked the top 5.

He explained how the collaboration with Tunechi came together. “Wayne actually got on it pretty quick. It was a quick turnaround,” he shared. “We were kind of debating on it, but we just felt like this was the song that should go first. I feel really strong about it and I like to take my time with music.”

Jim Jonsin has also been in the studio with B.o.B, and opened about one of the reggae-flavored tracks they recorded called “Rule the World.” “One record has like a reggae vibe to it, hip-hop with some reggae,” the producer told Rap-Up.com. “It’s pretty big. I think that’s a possible single.”

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  1. Nahjee



    kb Reply:

    @Nahjee, boring enough for you to be the first comment on a post about him, hmmmm


  2. uhuh

    i replayed weezy’s verse like 200 times already. i need help…


    -_- Reply:

    @uhuh, yeah you do cuz the verse is weak.


    uhuh Reply:

    @-_-, It’s Tunechi Lee you bitch you, you hot as an igloo :D


    Dare Reply:

    @-_-, haha agree. I think the song would have been better without wayne, but I get why Bob put him on the song as it will do better commercially.


    MrUnhateable Reply:

    @Dare, Lil Wayne MADE that song hot. When u at the top they envy!


    Richard Reply:

    @MrUnhateable, lil wayne messed it up. B.ob is a beast doesn’t need wayne


    realmusic Reply:

    @uhuh, not gonna lie I like Wayne but he sucked on that song, B.o.B should of just put T.I. on it


  3. -_-

    really b.o.b? are you 12? -_-


  4. James

    His song is in the Top 5 already! Is that why u haterz are mad? lol Its all about Grand Hustle Bitch!!!!!!


  5. Infamous

    Love This Sh!T :X


  6. kb

    i think the single is at like number 3 on itunes, that’s pretty good, the single didn’t need Wayne on it but it will help for commercial reasons, now all we need is a release date on this album!


  7. Dave

    I hope the album is more diverse & more artistic than “Strange Clouds”, the single grew on me thou. But, it’s really nothing to write home about. Seems more like a mixtape track. I am a fan, so people that get their feelings up, please sit.


  8. isabella!

    it is a fucking amazing song and with this song i can’t wait for the album.


  9. Hugh

    #1 on iTunes!
    BoB is REIGNING with those clouds.


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