Meet Roc Nation’s Newest Star Rita Ora

Rita Ora

Now that J. Cole is out the gate, Roc Nation’s Rita Ora goes up to bat. The 20-year-old singer introduces herself to the world in her new video diary series, promising to show the good, bad, and ugly. Ora, who moved from Kosovo to England at a young age, takes us to the Notting Hill area of London where she frequents and to the studio as she records her debut.

“Rita’s been hiding for too long, this is now time to show you all why I’m on Roc Nation,” says the blonde bombshell, who’s been working on her album with heavy-hitters including Drake, The-Dream, Tricky Stewart, and Stargate. Listen to her song “R.I.P.” in the background.

If you want to hear more, Rita is taking requests. She will sing a suggested topic each week as part of her ongoing “Lullaby” series.

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  1. W

    Oooo she was in drakes over video, i remember her


    gwarg Reply:

    @W, yah i was thinking that her BLONDE Hair


    Templeton Reply:

    But she’s been signed for over a year. She’s a model.
    I never heard her music til now… Shiii never even really heard her talking …
    She’s a beauty.

    I think Jay goes 4 nice lookers & turns them into starts… *Coughs* Rihanna…

    Its worked so far.


  2. Yea I Said It

    Shes Really Hot…..


  3. uhuh

    She was signed a long time ago by the Roc. get ya facts straight Rap-Up


  4. Chris_DasMyName

    She Looks Like She Gonna Be Big In The Music.. Can’t Wait to Hear Her Pipes!


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  6. Ronnie Ron

    man dat girl is sexyy


  7. luvizmydrugMX

    okay roc nation putting out artist not gimmicks unlike some labels…….ha but yeah shes really pretty i kept seeing pictures of her and i didnt know that was her in drakes video


  8. Rochelle

    She was signed about 2 1/2 Years Ago! She’s Great, Got a n incredible voice and you Jay loves her. (as an artist)


  9. DRB

    She seems really cool but that list of producers doesn’t excite me. Its very run of the mill. I’m curious to hear her though.


    Sade B Reply:

    @DRB, agreed! list of the producers doesn’t excite me either..i would have to hear her. but hopefully she makes the impact…


  10. Alicia's a homewrecka

    sorry no more gimmicks…I do not care about pretty faces…the public wants true talent. She is a crossover of beyonce and rihanna…and that’s it. Charlie baltimore anyone?


    maya Reply:

    @Alicia’s a homewrecka, she actually knows how to sing, no auto tune. You judging & don’t even know anything about her.


    Raeven Reply:

    @Alicia’s a homewrecka,
    i think she is a mix of beyonce and rihanna too.. but only looks wise with rihanna cuz Rita has a HUGE vocal range..


    Triniti Reply:

    @Alicia’s a homewrecka, Another dumb ass hater.


    Fa Reply:

    @Triniti, Alicia’s a homewrecka is not a hater. she expresses only what millions of mainstream listeners think…I am fed up with tits and ass…Can someone actualy write melodies anymore? How much more screaming and badly told stories can we take! Alicia’s a homewrecka has the right to speak the truth…

    [Reply] Reply:

    @Alicia’s a homewrecka,

    I don’t like to pass judgement, but I did think of Charlie Baltimore when I saw her.

    I’ll give her a shot if she’s got the vocals. I am tired of people screaming and calling it singing. A true singer doesn’t even have to use that much power because they express every note so well.

    However, this generation may NEVER experience that because this a 7 day nation…after 7 days, they want something new…completely forgetting (the so forgettable) material that was the considered the “hotness.”


    isiah Reply:

    @Alicia’s a homewrecka, suck my dick


  11. maya

    YES! Finally! She actually has talent so I’m happy for her.

    What I’m NOT happy about is her working with stargate & tricky stewart. EVERYONE works with them, I hope she don’t sound like everyone else.


  12. otis

    Wow shes sexy as hell, easily could see her as the next riri.


    Triniti Reply:

    @otis, LMAO!

    Unlike Rihanna, Rita can actually SING!


  13. TheTruthWillShutYouUp

    She is super dope and she just followed me on twitter


  14. bijan

    she looks a lot like gwen stefani during her no doubt days in that picture


    isabella! Reply:

    @bijan, when i saw her picture i thought she was gwen stefani, lol but from the music in the background it sound pretty good.


  15. peasant

    aww she’s so down to earth..something is telling she gonna blow up real big..can’t wait to hear her album..i’m ver intrigue. this kinda make want to get in the studio and try and get a record deal.


  16. Onika Carter

    I like her


  17. jewlz

    thats bruno mars gf


  18. heart



  19. OKOKI

    most yall dont know shit about her and already saying you like her. wow… people are such sheep. im sure she’s great but wow… next beyonce? based on what? you people are so easy to brainwash its unreal. do you ever forumlate opinions by yourself? you probably on like her because she ‘s on the same label as rihanna. just no valid basis whatsoever for liking her. just straight sheep!


    Umbrella&deepbag Reply:

    @OKOKI, she maybe sound good on the video but nobody ear her in a entire song. People call her role model while she don’t prove anything yet. That the young generation, they’re all about swag, pretty face. Those kids don’t wait to ear her music, they already love it. Don’t get me wrong i ain’t got nothing against this girl, if her music is good then i’ll listening to it ,but i can’t understand those kids who only look for someone to idolize.

    [Reply] Reply:


    I kind of don’t understand this either. It’s like they need someone to look up to. I always looked up to my mother and other women who used their INTELLECT, to take them places.

    …but come on. How many famous women got their because of sheer intelligence? That’s a dying breed…or the masses who don’t understand their worth are too busy trying to keep them quiet. And I mainly see this with women. Men are quicker to question another man’s authority while us women often just follow because we’re told to…othewise, we’re called the infamous “HATER.” The real haters are the people who are afraid of independent thinking. Sheep is right.

    Sad outlook for the female species if you ask me.


  20. heey

    The song R.I.P sounds like drakes “Im ready for ya” XD


  21. Hugh

    She is so beautiful!


  22. saio

    roc nation gonna kill young money & cash money
    j cole
    alexis jordan
    jay electronica
    rita ora
    and there alot of managed artists
    like rihanna, wale, mark ronson, melanie fiona and more


  23. JohnMee

    I think Rita Ora might have to potential to be a great artist. I definietly think she should collaborate with Charlie Vox, Melanie Fiona, or Tank….some R&B heads and see what craziness they come up with.


  24. sabrina

    We’ll see what she brings to the table. A lot of ya’ll seem to like her. Does she have any music out?


  25. Cranberry

    Bridget Kelly > Rita Ora.


  26. Truthseeker

    You all are tripping. If you did your research, you’d see that she’s not just a pretty face. She can sing (has incredible range) and she has that “it” quality. You act like it’s her fault that she’s pretty lmao. C’mon. The people that are quick to hate are just as bad as the people who are too quick to gas artist up.

    I remember girls who thought Drake was lame years back and now they know all his songs (even the ones they thought were lame). Just chill out, and wait for the music. You might be eating your words down the line.


  27. TVA

    Jay is big on artist development and self starters. So most of the roster has been signed for a couple of years or were already working independently (Jay Electronica – he’s been working Act II for years now.) Craig David had Rita before Jay picked her up (if you guys remember him.) He’s done his homework. Alexis Jordan and Bridget Kelly have pipes too. I also like the sound Hugo has. 3 artists dropped projects (Hugo, J. Cole and Alexis Jordan (Euro release only)) So more of the stateside acts are finally ready to drop.


  28. KVOG

    can’t wait to hear her music =)
    I’m from Kosovo too =)


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