New Music: 50 Cent – ‘The Enforcer’

50 Cent

50 Cent commands the beat on “The Enforcer,” a bombastic cut off the soundtrack to the upcoming robot boxing film Real Steel, starring Hugh Jackman. The hip-hop heavyweight rattles the speakers as he rhymes over the synth-heavy Cataracs production. “This is how it sounds when I mash you,” roars a machine-like 50.

Also check out Curtis’ freestyle “Love, Hate, Love,” the latest in his Street King Energy series.


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  1. 2050

    50ent-there will never be same me face it


  2. 2050

    50cent-there will bever be a same me face it


  3. Jen

    its ok beats hard tho


  4. wtf

    50 without eminem sounds like shit
    no neck looking ass mother fuker hah


    ty Reply:

    @wtf, u souund stupid


  5. Geoff

    Garbage. 50 you really lost is…


  6. kanye

    damn 50 got it!!!! even though its just a song for a movie


  7. bone

    i’ve told yall, the real tracks of old king is comin soon. ha haaa
    shut up hatersssssssssssssssssssssssssss


  8. MIKE

    I’m not going to lie – this actually goes hard. 50 Cent went in on this euro-hop track. To those who are hating this tune, go get your Beats by Dre and re-listen!


  9. Ice

    I love the beat and flow on this, it’s tough.


  10. wdf 0_o ?!?!

    is it me or does it feel like producers hidin all the hits from him or something lol. brah last 300 songs have been ass


  11. T

    They both good. the thing about enforcer it was great lyrics over a euro sounding beat. so of course we mite not love it as americans, but those ppl over seas mite really like it, but thats y 50 is so big world wide. hes not just ur local artist. plus it is just a song on a movie soundtrack so to them hearing it, mite love it also. Love,Hate,Love was banging plain n simple. He is like 20 for 20 this year. no lie. Im on it, Outlaw, his freestyles, Street King Tracks, all banging.


  12. Ricardo

    50 is still king


  13. Joyams

    50′s dead to me


  14. Fan Of A Fan

    it ohhhhh-kaaayyy


    Fan Of A Fan Reply:

    @Fan Of A Fan, i mean *it’s


  15. ojie king



  16. Loop28

    Zzzzzz put me to sleep. 50 you lost it. Give it up!


  17. Hugh

    This is awesome!
    Fiddys new album is gonna be INSANE


  18. Ricardo

    50 we are only waiting for you’re ulbum. 50 still king.


  19. J'Blaze

    you said it 50…”your time is up already”


  20. nab

    the only way 50 cent can come back is to do songs with daz/kurupt/quik/snoop.


  21. @D

    If you’re a hip hop head you might hate on the enforcer joint, but that ‘hate love” joint is flawless


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