Kid Cudi Talks Nike MAG Sneakers, Close Encounter with Male Fan on ‘Conan’ [Video]

Kid Cudi

Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi stepped in style onto the set of “Conan” in his Nike MAG sneakers to promote the new season of HBO’s “How to Make It in America.” Mr. Rager spoke about buying the limited edition Back to the Future kicks on eBay, being kissed by a male fan onstage (“I’m flattered”), and presented the talk show host with the leather jacket he designed with Surface to Air. Don’t miss Cudder’s Conan string dance at the end.


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  1. rihannastan!

    Cudi >>>>>>>>>>>>


  2. Aquierra



  3. malikMJDope

    Cudi is fressshhh!


  4. Wizardk.i.d

    cudi a cool af.


  5. Dude

    is it really true that he doesn’t smoke no more? I think it would be great news man…


    Komnan Reply:

    @Dude, that would be great to know. If his sober living.


  6. Drew

    he’s cool. So good to see him sober


  7. Mikey Martini

    I was all the way there until he said “my girlfriend”. I died… LOL


  8. P

    Damn. Those shoeessss.


  9. daniel

    aww. He is really cool


  10. Mykeb757

    He said they offer him weed?…OFFER like free? WOOOOW I would love to be part of the clean up crew woooooo


  11. digga!

    I LOVE HIM!!!


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