New Music: Young Jeezy f/ T.I. – ‘F.A.M.E.’


Young Jeezy feels the weight of the world on his shoulders on his new single “F.A.M.E. (Fake Ass Mothafuckas Envy).” Jeezy’s long-awaited album TM 103: Hustlerz Ambition was scheduled to drop earlier this month, but has been pushed back again.

“I wake up and feel empty/ Shit make you wanna squeeze your glock till it’s empty/ I’m already standing on the edge so don’t tempt me/ Fake mothafuckas envy,” he raps on the dark J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League production.

Fresh out of a halfway house, his fellow Trap star T.I. spits his first bars since serving 10 months behind bars. “Another year in prison, promise this is it for me/ Tryna make it through the storm, should be making history/ No feelin’ sorry for me, keep your pity and your sympathy.”


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  1. uhuh

    It ain’t over til Da Snowman says so.


  2. Replay

    not good :( t.i verse too expect much more


  3. Jay Whitney



  4. saadkid08

    nice, its not typical trap stuff too, it should do well on the charts.


    bknyhustle Reply:


    Jeezy never “sold out” so he’s gonna have the streets. The trick is keeping it in the trap while appealing to the masses & I think that’s exactly what Jeezy is working hard to produce.

    He may never top his debut in terms of impact or hype but he can make a better album.

    The Recession came really close already.


  5. Ice

    I like this alot, the production is dope.


  6. MAX

    good song …. im flexin from t.i is gonna be better


  7. LOL

    pretty good


  8. Damn Shame

    dang what’s going on with Jeezy? on another site he’s pictured cuddled up with one of Chris Brown’s ex, now he’s stealing titles? smh Jezzy tryin to be Breezy


    uhuh Reply:

    @Damn Shame, Really son? Snowman tryna be breezy? trapstar to corny ass dancer? that what u tryna say? slap yourself


    Lioness Reply:

    @uhuh, hey…sloppy second gf and titles…sounds like he is stealing to


  9. Triniti

    I only listened to this for T.I.’s verse, but I like the song overall.


    Richard Reply:

    @Triniti, dont be closed minded open ur mind up. Its ignorant to say u listened only bse ot ti


  10. philly11

    cmon jeezy! this average


  11. saio

    ATL is back
    f*ck all the f*ckings wannabes from florida like dj FAGled, officer ricky & gay hood


  12. Hugh

    This is CRAY!
    Love it


  13. SEKinG

    Fuck yes, finally a good Jeezy song instead of him trying to find a hit.


  14. realmusic

    omg this is soooo good :O
    T.I.’s verse touched me
    Jeezy ripped it
    this is a hit


  15. pArallel-intersect

    awesome usual justice lQ didnt disappoint with the beat n both em did a number2 on the beaT…





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