Ashanti Is Red Hot in Manhattan


Ashanti lit up the streets of New York City during her visit to the “Today” show on Thursday (Sept. 29). The Boys & Girls Clubs of America spokeswoman waved to photographers as she posed in a knee-length red dress and Chanel brooch, showing off her legs in glittery heels.

After keeping her fans waiting, she finally revealed that “No Good” will be the first single from her upcoming fifth album. “It’s so phenomenal, oh my gosh!” an excited Ashanti gushed to Hoda Kotb and Nick Lachey.

What do you think of Ashanti’s look? Are you excited for her new music? Sound off below!

Ashanti Ashanti Ashanti

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  1. Trina



    Tiffany Reply:

    @Trina, what????? Ashanti came before Beyonce (the solo artist) and was doin big thangs, she still can come hard, im rootin for this bish


    Real Issh Reply:

    @Tiffany, What does my Bey have to deal with this heaux ? _/


  2. B4real

    Trina show one of ur pic les see how fuc%*in BLAH u r!


  3. B4real

    Ashanti u look GORGOUS f%*k the haters! Can’t wait for you new single and album!!!


  4. priscilla

    go girl. love ur


  5. James

    She looks flawlessly beautiful!!! Red is definitely a good look on her!


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  7. Bill Gates Dream



  8. rnblover

    Indeed Red Hot!!

    Ready for the new single!



  9. Nelz

    Woooo hooooo Go Shany . . . I effin love her!


  10. Beyonce is desperate

    She dress a lot appropriate than Rihanna. She looks pretty and respectable. Beyonce take notes, cause your stans will profess that bey was the first to invent this look.

    [Reply] Reply:

    @Beyonce is desperate,

    Then shouldn’t it be her fans that you tell to take notes?

    Quit throwing shots at B. Yes, she has had her sexy moments when it came to clothes…but she’s always kept it outside of her videos.


    Real Issh Reply:

    @Beyonce is desperate, Why are you so fascinated with my Bey ? For real .


  11. twa

    CAN WAIT…..she looks fantastic.


  12. CITY



  13. Orland0

    DAMN Ashanti Looks Amazin’ U go Gurl.


  14. KYLE

    I’m ready, i’ve been waiting long enough i freak’n love Ashanti


  15. Ratr

    I want her to do something new and different this time..I think she started it with The Declaration, but I can see her try something even edgier and left field like Ciara on “Love Sex Magic”..


  16. Brina

    Ashanti looks beautiful, loving the look!!:) Can’t for the new single.


  17. jay'e

    princess is back in town time to put on ur crown #TEAMASHANTI


  18. Nicki

    so excited!


  19. Lisa

    She has a good amount of sex-appeal, but she’s such a cutie at the same time! A beautiful woman.


  20. Slice

    Aww… third pic. Her single ain’t even flopped yet and she wavin’ “bye”! Good thinkin! Now GTFO.


  21. Tayorluver211

    Her outfit is so cute! I love it!


  22. Songstress



  23. ty

    LOVE THIS CHICK THE REALIST IN THE GAME AND @SLICE bitch stfu u sound pathetic and desperate because u probably still depressed and living with your parents dumb ass immature cunt df out of here if you going to hate on her, but anyway aside from this immature dike hating on ashanti… she looks beautiful, i can’t wait for the new single! and the album! been waiting too long and finally shes back!


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