Jennifer Lopez Hits the Studio with

Jennifer Lopez and had the speakers going hammer when he and Jennifer Lopez linked up for a studio session in New York City. The Black Eyed Peas frontman didn’t say exactly what the two were cooking up, only telling J.Lo, “It was great working with you today in the studio before our concert in central park.”

The “American idol” judge also spent some girl time with her pal Erica Reid. Dressed in a furry vest, leather pants, and heels (she later changed into flats), J.Lo and L.A. Reid’s wife walked arm in arm to lunch at Italian eatery Nello as they were chased through the streets by the paparazzi.

If you’re fiending for some new music from the sexy mami, check out her steamy collaboration with Enrique Iglesias on “Mouth2Mouth.”

Jennifer Lopez and Erica Reid Jennifer Lopez and Erica Reid Jennifer Lopez and Erica Reid

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  1. Nahjee

    I wonder who she gonna marry now??? I hope she does a total 360 and start dating girls that would be sexyGet with somebody like nicki minaj oh boy… Would that be sexy a$$ hell & couple of tha year


  2. OsO

    this woman is on fire…
    you can’t put a good woman down.


    Diego Reply:

    @OsO, lmao are you serious her last album tanked and that was with 20 million viewers on idol her time is up…


    Marvin's Room Reply:

    @Diego, well, maybe u souldn’t forget, that being 42 is kind of problematic in the industry. Women are discriminated in the entertainment industry a lot, especially if they are older than 39……..

    She did great for being 15 years older than Beyonce or Britney…she is a Latin Icon and will be always around!!!


  3. Triniti

    Don’t let Cheryl Cole find out lol


  4. Marvin's Room

    jajaja, I love how down to earth she dresses in the studio. ;)) Always in Diva-mood!!! This is just a better genration of pop-stars…the new generation (Rihanna, Perry or Gaga) are feel totally fake and artificial, but Jenny Lo is soooo real!

    I am kidding. Love her glamour and old-Hollywood style.

    ‘Papi’ is amazing.


  5. Marvin's Room


    They would be awesome together.


  6. han

    good for her. that tells you that jlo doesnt give up or sulk over love she is out with her friends. All you haters are simply jealous


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